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About Charles Carreon

Charles Carreon is an attorney licensed to practice in California and Oregon, with his practice based in Ashland, Oregon. During his sixteen years as a lawyer, Carreon has tried over sixty jury trials, and in recent years has received national attention as a small town-lawyer who takes on Goliath-sized opponents over high-tech issues and comes out with the prize.

Carreon advises on a wide range of Federal legal issues relevant to business transactions and litigation, and provides expert consultation and testimony for select clients. He is available for speaking engagements for education, industry and the legal profession.

Recent Case Victories

Charles Carreon is best known for his November, 2000 victory in the celebrated "Sex.Com" case, in which he recovered the world's most valuable domain name for the rightful owner, and established for the first time in a court decision that Internet domain names are "property" in the eyes of the law. Carreon is writing a non-fiction book about the historic case called "The Sex.Com Chronicles." Carreon scored another notable win in October 2002 with his $300,000 jury verdict for Roger Benson against the State of Oregon for negligently managing its criminal history database.  Carreon is currently suing the manufacturer of the biometric fingerprint scanning machine that originated the errors. See

Education and Professional Experience

Carreon graduated from UCLA Law School in 1986. While at UCLA, he received the 1985 John Olin Fellowship in Law & Economics, served on the Federal Communications Law Journal editorial board, and clerked with the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. After graduation, Carreon joined the California Bar and, during his next six years as an L.A. trial lawyer with three of the city's finest firms, secured millions in settlements and verdicts from some of the world's largest corporations and insurance companies.

A skilled criminal lawyer, Carreon gained experience first as a prosecutor, and later, as a federal criminal defender. Carreon is familiar with the investigative methods of federal agencies, including postal, drug, and tax investigators, and has represented persons facing charges for everything from financial fraud to homicide. A noted cross-examiner who has repeatedly wrung damning admissions from government agents on the witness stand, Carreon is also a zealous defender of his clients' right to privacy.

Over fifteen years of trial practice, Carreon has won the minds of judges and juries time and again by adhering to a simple principle - help the listener understand your position, then offer them your conclusion. Trial advocacy, Carreon has noted, is about persuasion, not coercion. He follows the same principle with his clients, believing that a well-informed client and a skilled, dedicated attorney make a formidable team. Admitted to the Oregon State Bar in 1993, Carreon has tried cases before juries in Portland, Los Angeles, and San Diego.  He is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the California State Bar Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Society. 


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