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New FLATSite Converter Aims to Make WordPress Sites Faster, More Secure and Cheaper to Host

Since entering the domain business in 2002 one of my greatest pleasures has been watching so many of the smart entrepreneurs I've met along the way create innovative new products and services. Frederick Schiwek, who was an Executive VP at EuroDNS when I met him at one of the first domain conferences 15 years ago, has chalked up multiple successes as a domain investor, developer and businessman since then. Freddy just contacted me about his latest creation - FLATsite - a service that converts existing WordPress websites into flat HMTL sites that allow them to be hosted anywhere (a big money saver when it comes to hosting) while running faster and more securely than they do in their original format.

The majority of sites on the web are WordPress sites but Schiwek noted that popularity comes with what can be a stiff price for site owners. "They all share the same problem," Schiwek said. "WordPress has security issues, itís resource hungry, and also very costly - we all know good WordPress hosting is expensive. So, we built a product for agencies and developers, so that they can continue to build great WordPress sites and host them on any dirt-cheap hosting plan - even without PHP and a database. FLATsite 

Frederick Schiwek
FLATsite Founder

turns a WordPress website into a flat, light-weight CSS/HTML website and comes with a WordPress Manager and built-in security features."

Schiwek added, "A flat CSS/HTML website has no security holes because there is no PHP or database (which can be hacked). So, without the FTP password you canít get access. FLATsite is perfect for all domainers, many of whom started building small or large websites many years ago but were slowed down by high hosting prices, security issues and mediocre speed. Weíve fixed all these problems. We store your website files locally in the FLATsite server and youíre able to choose the cheapest hosting plan on the web, using just the disk space. FLATsite provides an easy way to manage and secure WordPress sites and comes with a static site generator built-in which lets you deploy your WordPress static site seamlessly with just one-click."

If you want to try FLATsite out, the company offers a 30-day free trial.

(Posted August 11, 2020)  


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