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New Reports from Guta and GGRG Show Domain Aftermarket Boom Still Going Strong

Two new reports on premium aftermarket domain sales in the opening quarter of 2021 show that buyers are still out in force and spending big in an effort to establish or strengthen their online presence. At a time when the global Covid-19 pandemic continues to make things more 

difficult for many businesses to operate in the physical world, a good domain is more important than ever. The reports come from a couple of the industry's most widely known brokerages, Guta.com (who maintains offices in both the U.S. and China) and GGRG.com who operates on a global level from their beautiful home base in Lisbon, Portugal.


While prominent domain investors are always active in the aftermarket, Guta's Q1-2021 Premium Domain Sales Observation Report reflects the heavy influx of end user buyers for one-word .com dictionary domains. More often than not those those memorable assets are promptly developed and put to work generating new revenue for their owners. Guta Founder and CEO George Hong noted that end user buyers accounted for approximately 58% of the one-word domain sales tracked by 

his company. The data-packed Guta report also analyzes Q1 sales results for short .com acronym domains (2-3 letters or characters) and numeric domains (up to 4 digits).

Giuseppe Graziano
GGRG Founder 

At GGRG, Founder Giuseppe Graziano released the 19th edition of his company's popular quarterly Liquid Market Report. The GGRG focus has always been on short acronym and numeric domains because, due to their popularity, they offer a level of "liquidity" that most other domain categories do not. GGRG defines liquid domains as short .com domains comprised of 2-4 letters, 2-5 numbers or a combination of 2-3 characters mixing letters and numbers. 

Unlike one-word dictionary domains, buyers of liquid domains still tend overwhelmingly to be domain investors. Graziano noted "only 1 out of 10 liquid domains is developed with the most developed category being 2L .com at 30%."  Even so, the buy and hold crowd has been just as eager to open their wallets. Graziano reported that in the first quarter of this year, Escrow.com saw liquid domain sales on their platform soar by 54% to $17 million. "This is the best quarter I have observed at Escrow.com since we started publishing  the report," Giuseppe added.

Among the various sub-categories of liquid domains that GGRG tracks, Graziano saw growing strength in most of them. "We noticed significant increases in both 5th percentile and median values for three and four letter domains as well three-character domains (a mix of letters and numbers).

Here is a navigation tip for you to get the most from the voluminous GGRG report.  There are nine individual sub-categories (like two-letter .coms, three-letter .coms, etc) that you access from links at the top of the main LXDO page. Those are shown as: and there are also links to information and on the same row. Enjoy!

(Posted April 13, 2021)


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