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Born on the 4th of July! .US Gets Its Own News & Information Website - American Domain Names at ADN.US

I've been in the domain business for almost 20 years now but I never would have discovered it if it weren't for a single magazine ad I saw back in the spring of 2002. The Internet and CD burning had killed my previous business - a string of record and CD stores in Florida - so I was trying to figure out what to do next when the latest copy of PC World magazine arrived in my mailbox (computers had dramatically improved every part of my personal and business life by then and I had started building my own PCs). 

I opened the front cover and saw a full page ad placed by the  .US domain registry (operated by Neustar at that time) announcing that, for the first time since .US was created in 1985 it was being opened up to all U.S. citizens and others who do business in the U.S. Prior to April 24, 2002, the TLD was reserved for use by government agencies, schools and a few other special uses.

I had only one domain  at the time, the one I had built a website for music business on at MusicParadise.com in 1997. MY stores were actually named Rock Island but RockIsland.com was already taken, even back then. So when I saw the .US ad, even though

 May 2002 edition of PC World magazine

I didn't know what I would do next, I decided I should register a few in areas I had the most experience in, media and music. 

In the course of researching business ideas and relevant domains I stumbled upon a link to DNForum.com where most of the domain investors of that era hung out. I was astonished to learn people were buying and selling domain names alone. I thought domains only had value if something was built on them! It was a revelation that set off a chain of events that continues to this day. I started buying names in .com. .org and .us, with far more purchased for investment rather than development. That led to founding DNJournal on New Year's Day 2003 because I couldn't find a trade magazine about an industry I was rapidly falling in love with. That led to what has been an amazing two-decade run that has taken me all over the world and given me the opportunity to meet hundreds of remarkable people that I never would have met otherwise.

So, even though I expanded beyond .US and most of my revenue came from other sources, I always felt I owed something to America's ccTLD for opening a door that led to me discovering an incredibly rewarding new world. It's taken 19 years but I finally figured out how I might best be able to do that - by giving the .US community a news and information website of their own with the hope that it will help spread recognition and utilization of America's domain extension. I felt nothing could be more appropriate than launching American Domain Names, the .US News & Information Website, at ADN.US on the 4th of July - and that is what I have done today. If you have an interest in .US, I hope you will enjoy it, find it useful, contribute information to it and help spread the word! In the meantime, I am wishing all of my fellow Americans a Happy Independence Day!

(Posted July 4, 2021)


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