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New Quarterly Reports From Guta.com and GGRG.com Reveal Domain Sales Gains in  2Q-2021

With the 2nd quarter of the 2021 domain sales season now in the books, we have just gotten new quarterly reports from two of the industry's leading international domain brokerages, Guta.com and GGRG.com

Guta's latest Premium Domain Sales Observation Report (.pdf file) reported the strengthening of a trend we've been watching develop all year - a rush by end users to acquire one-word .com dictionary domains for their online businesses. Guta reported 112 one-word .com dictionary domain sales in 2Q-2021 with 68 of those - 60.7% - going to end users. That is both the largest number of one-word sales and the highest percentage of end user sales they have seen since 2018. 47 of those 68 end user buyers were based in the United States. 

In contrast, most 3-letter .com sales continue to go investors, rather than end users, and to buyers in China rather than the U.S.  Of the 17 three-letter .com sales Guta saw in 2Q-2021,

only four went to end users. Seven of the 17 went to buyers in China, with only four going to American buyers.

There is much more data on all of the premium domain sales categories in Guta's free report that you can get here.

In the 20th edition of their quarterly Liquid Market (LMX) Report, covering 2Q-2021, GGRG also had a lot of good news to share. As most of you know, GGRG focuses on short acronym and numeric domains that, due to their popularity, offer a level of "liquidity" that most other domain categories do not.

They reported $17.6 million worth of liquid domain sales were made through Escrow.com in the most request quarter, a rise of more than 4% from the previous quarter. One thing I found especially interesting was a surge in how many of those sales are being publicly reported. GGRG said $5.7 million of the total came from publicly disclosed sales, a huge 57% jump from the previous quarter.

Starting with this edition, GGRG beefed up their coverage by supplementing their usual total dollar volume metrics with the actual list of transactions for the top tier domains (2L, 3L, 2N, 3N, 4N, 2C) and an indicative sample of transactions (top, median and bottom 10 sales) for the lower tiers of the liquid market (4L, 5N, 3C).

One other note - a navigation tip make sure you get the most from the voluminous GGRG report.  There are nine individual sub-categories (like two-letter .coms, three-letter .coms, etc) that you will want to access from links at the top of the main LMX page. Those are shown as: 2L, 3L, 4L, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 2C and 3C (L = letter, N= number and C= characters in that category's domain names). There is also a link to useful Historical information on the same row.

Thanks to Guta.com Founder George Hong and GGRG.com Founder Giuseppe Graziano for their ongoing research into the latest market trends and making their findings available for all of us to benefit from.

(Posted July 12, 2021)


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