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Andrew Allemann & Ron Jackson Discuss .US Domains and Dissect the Year's Biggest Domain Sales in New DNW Podcast

Those who have been in the domain business for a long time will remember DomainNameWire.com's Andrew Allemann and veteran executive Ted Olson (from Name Media and Endurance International) often being kidded about being twins, because they looked so much alike - or possibly even being one person using two different names! I'm starting to believe a different variation of the theme - that there are two identical people but both of them are Andrew (perhaps the original and an identical clone)! Look, Andrew lives is Seattle and so does multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos who has enough money to make anything happen (Exhibit A: he will be riding a rocket into outer space tomorrow). Just a coincidence? I don't think so!

How else could one guy churn out industry news (often multiple stories daily) for 16 years and, for the past 7, also produce 347 full-length episodes of a popular podcast? Whatever the case may be, I had a great time being Andrew's guest on episode #347 that was released today. When we recorded it late last week, only one of the two Andrews showed up, but I think that was just to throw me off the trail! 

Andrew gave me an opportunity to talk about the new American Domain Names news and information site I launched on July 4th and how things are going with America's .US ccTLD today. The short answer is, "it could and should be a lot better." Still, the current rush by business owners to get online after seeing brick and mortar enterprises get clobbered in the pandemic has given .US a boost (as has the ubiquity of Zoom.us). 

During the show, Andrew reminded me that he had bought a .US domain from me many years ago (probably 15 or so by now), Prefab.us. He also noted that he still has one of the great .US geodomains - SanFrancisco.us. When he mentioned that, it brought back a painful memory of me rejecting a good offer for Reno.us back in the day. If you want to know more about that and a lot more of the .US back story, check out the fast-paced 38-minute show for the details.

Andrew Allemann

Knowing that interest is .US is still limited in the industry at large, we spent the second half of the show dissecting the biggest domain sales across all extensions reported so far this year. We took them one by one and looked at what is being done with them now (of the top 10, only two remain without an active website on them). It was an excellent first half for the industry and we are both excited to see how the rest of 2021 unfolds!

(Posted July 19, 2021)  


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