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Latest Quarterly Reports from Guta.com and GGRG.com Reflect Unabated Boom in the Domain Aftermarket

With the 3rd quarter of the 2021 domain sales season now in the books, we have gotten new quarterly reports from two of the industry's leading international domain brokerages, Guta.com and GGRG.com

Guta's latest Premium Domain Sales Observation Report (.pdf file) showed the continuation of a trend we've been following all year - high demand for  one-word .com dictionary domain names. Guta reported 90 one-word English .com domain sales in Q3-2021 with 39 of those going to end users (25 of whom are companies based in the United States).

Percentage-wise, the 43.3% of one-word buyers who were end users was down a bit from the first two quarters of this year (which could indicate more domain investor activity in this popular category). However the same 43.3% is considerably higher than the average quarterly end user buy rate from 2018 through 2020 which was a little under 38%

There is much more data on all of the premium domain sales categories in Guta's free report, so you will want to check out the details on those here.

We got another important perspective on Q3-2021 sales results from the 21st edition of the GGRG Brokerage's latest quarterly Liquid Market (LMX) Report. As most of you know, GGRG focuses on short acronym and numeric .com domains that, due to their popularity, offer a level of "liquidity" that most other domain categories do not.

In the new release, GGRG Founder Giuseppe Graziano reported that Q3-2021 was a record quarter with over $12 million in 2-letter .com sales. The record in 2L .com sales contributed to make Q3-2021 the best quarter since the LMX Report was launched in 2016. 96% of the liquid sales reported by Escrow.com came from those with the highest development index - 2L (30%); 3L (24%); 4L (12%) and 2-character (18%).

Graziano noted, "In addition to the growth of the digital space and the increased money supply in response to Covid, the record quarter can also be explained by the growing attention to digital assets thanks to the NFT space. For people already investing in the crypto and NFT spaces, itís easier to see domains as an alternative, already established digital asset.

Again we haven't even scratched the surface of the range of data covered in the full report, so you will want to see it all for yourself here

Giuseppe Graziano

(Posted October 15, 2021)  


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