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How Positivity and Perseverance Powered Sedo Premium Domain Broker Mark Ghoriafi's Rise to Prominence

I was happy to see a Sedo post on Facebook Friday announcing that Mark Ghoriafi was joining the company's all-star team of premium domain brokers. Happy for Mark, who has impressed me with his positive attitude and energy from the first day I met him almost a decade ago,  and happy for Sedo who will benefit from having this highly respected proven pro  representing them.

In his steady 9-year rise through the ranks Mark has had the opportunity to learn form some of the best people in the business, starting with .CLUB in 2014, followed by successes with  .GLOBAL, Afilias and Radix and the launch of his own shop at MrPremium.com. Mark had also worked with Sedo on specific projects over the years so they were already well aware of his capabilities.

While Mark is widely known throughout the industry I wanted to share his colorful and inspiring background with those who haven't met him yet or have never heard the full story. So, over the weekend I connected with Mark, who moved to Fort Lauderdale after growing up in the UK, for the interview below. This is Mark's word for word account of where he came from, what he has experienced along the way and where is headed now:

Mark Ghoriafi
Premium Domain Broker

"From fun-in-the-sun hospitality to the world of professional wrestling, and of course our passionate domain names industry, all my business paths had the same personal desire; to support my family and enjoy life’s journey! ," Ghoriafi began.  

Mark with his parents in England.

For over six decades my father has been a respected political journalist, with a natural flair for creativity and a strong business mind. My mother has always been a social butterfly, having a diverse and successful career in sales and hospitality. They reached milestones in life many can only dream of, but in the late 80’s when I was two years old, the effects of continuing war in the region resulted in a complete loss of wealth, with them having to hit the ‘restart button’ in life.  

I grew up inspired by their determination to persevere, gaining a strong set of ethics, morals, and appreciation for efforts needed to succeed. It was only natural that my life would lead me to destinations where passion, patience, and 

persistence are at the core of what I do, with my parents still always giving me their unconditional support and love.

My graduation from Oxford Brookes University studying Marketing Management in collaboration with one year spent studying in the U.S. at a prominent Pennsylvania school, gave me the educational tools to go out into the business world. I spent eight years working in Corfu, Greece focusing on face-to-face selling and customer psychology, and in addition founded a successful online store within the sports memorabilia industry, all of which provided a well-rounded overview of business logistics.

In late-2014 I was unintentionally "body slammed into domaining" stemming from my fandom years with the superstars of wrestling, where innovative self-marketing led to an alter-ego identity being born. I became known as “WWE Superman” in the wrestling community, traveling alongside the icons of wrestling across Europe and the U.S., building a strong network of public figure friends and associates.  

It was during these times that the .CLUB domain extension launched, also having some notable celebrity names using a .Club for their fan clubs. With my desire to move to America 

WWE Superman Mark Ghoriafi with Hulk Hogan

perfectly coinciding with their need for someone to join the team and help grow awareness by onboarding influencers to actively use the domain, I entered into the industry.  

Mark Ghoriafi, .CLUB CEO Colin Campbell and CMO Jeff Sass (2nd, 3rd and 4th from left) at a 
.CLUB dinner with friends, Ray Dillman Neu (far left) and Howard and Barbara Neu (far right).

I worked directly with Colin Campbell and Jeff Sass, the then CEO & CMO of .Club, with Jeff becoming (and still being) my mentor (Jeff is now the CMO of .ART domains), and under his industry tutelage I advanced my role into premium domain sales, me able to confidently say I superseded all internal selling expectations.  

Those initial years in the industry helped me establish future footsteps with premium domain selling, working with Rolf Larsen (Founder of .GLOBAL) and an exceptional family-like team, collaboratively advancing the company to a high enough level where the decision was made to sell the extension to Afilias. I was graciously asked if I wanted to transition into Afilias and oversee all premium domain selling activities for dozens of Afilias-owned domain extensions, to which I accepted, having notable success with .BET and .POKER

Mark with .GLOBAL Founder Rolf Larsen at the 2023 NamesCon Global conference in Austin.

It was unfortunate timing that during my peak of achievement at Afilias, a 20-yar-old-company, a decision was again made to sell the company. However, when that door closed, a window opened, and I decided to start my own domains brokerage and acquisition: MrPremium.com.

Now, many people may be most familiar with me as the founder of MrPremium.com, which has become a respected and recognized brand in the industry through its daily outbounding, innovative marketing, and unparalleled social media, with especially big waves made with the .io ccTLD, and achieving millions of dollars of total domain sales.

Whether it was skydiving from 10,000 feet in Key West, snorkeling with shipwrecks in the Caribbean, or in the dungeons of a castle in Puerto Rico, the MrPremium brand and the domains under brokerage where being promoted in a never-seen-before style, resulting in selling victories and new opportunities, including my new happy horizons with Sedo.com.

(Left to right) Mark Ghoriafi, Marc Stepken, Sedo Senior Broker Dave Evanson and CEO Michael Robrock at a Sedo Party during the 2020 NamesCon Global conference in Austin, Texas.

Throughout my 9 years so-far in the industry, I have crossed paths with Sedo on many occasions, teaming up and partnering with them at many events and conferences during my time on the registry side of the industry, so I am no stranger to their style and success.

With recent life advancements, including getting married to my wonderful wife and moving to Fort Lauderdale Beach, future stability is a desired focus for us both. So, when casual Sedo conversations turned into long-term business opportunities, it is with great pleasure to say that I have now joined Sedo.com as a Premium Domain Broker. I will be working with a team of likeminded passionate people who I respect and admire, also thrilled that MrPremium clients have chosen to join in my exciting journey, with their domain inventory coming to Sedo brokerage.

As many will already know, Sedo is the world's largest domain marketplace, having 22 million domains for sale, 4 million parked domains, 2 million customers, 700,000 domain sales since inception, and is world's leading platform for domain buyers and sellers.

I am proud to be a member of the Sedo.com team, and an extra special thank you to Michael Robrock (CEO), Christian Voss (CMO), Paul Martin Fawell (General Manager), and Dave Evanson (Senior Broker) for your above-and-beyond daily support helping me settle in.

Finally, Ron, on behalf of the entire domains industry, thank you for your DNJournal.com writings, reports, and always insightful industry news. You are not just a blessing to our community, but a friend to us all.  

(Left to right) Sedo Director of Business Development 
Sophie Pieck, CMO Christian Voss and newly named 
Premium Domain Broker Mark Ghoriafi.

Another day, another dime, another dollar,
another day in domaining paradise!" Mark, joyfully as always, concluded.

(Posted October 16, 2023)   


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