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GoDaddy Auctions Celebrating Ambitious 2023 Overhaul With Massive Year End Domain Auction

GoDaddy Auctions is closing out the year with a bang that is creating a lot of buzz in the domain aftermarket. They launched a gargantuan NameFind Premium Domain Auction last week and have kept it in the spotlight by adding new names to the mix every day. The auction's 7-day rolling format means individual auctions will also be ending daily. As of this writing no specific end date for the auction has been set but you can see everything that will be closing over the next seven days.  

The scale of this sale is extraordinary. GoDaddy's Domain Investment Community Manager Jame Iles gave us some insight into why it is happening now.

*Details on site.

"2023 was a phenomenal year for us, as we took major strides towards our goal of a more seamless, integrated investor experience," James noted. "One area we're particularly proud of is the overhaul of our GoDaddy Auctions platform. This was a labor of love that started in 2021 and has thrived through this year with a series of key releases. We've updated the look, made searching and filtering a breeze, and enhanced access to domain auctions. Plus, we've added more data points and inventory, and improved the backend infrastructure."

James Iles
GoDaddy Investment Community Manager

"GoDaddy Auctions is about to wave goodbye to its Beta phase - but that doesn't mean we're slowing down. We're planning further enhancements to keep improving the investor experience. To mark the end of the Beta phase, we're infusing auctions with some top-notch premium domains from our NameFind portfolio with no-reserve prices and low starting bids. We're also using this opportunity to experiment with ways to drive even more buyers for your domains for sale. The auctions began December 6th with names like  Cliche.com, VisitVegas.com and Sitcom.com on the block and new premium names added daily. You can filter for these names within Auctions or head over to NameFind.com to be redirected."

James added, "This is both a celebration of how far we've come and a stepping stone towards an even brighter future. Here's to making your business run smoother and achieving even more together!" 

James also provided us with a convenient list of key points about the auctions that will help you navigate through them and make the most of this buying opportunity.

Auctions URL: https://auctions.godaddy.com/beta?q=namefind


  • December 6th: Initial batch of names listed (first batch will be ending December 13)

  • Each subsequent weekday: New names added with 7-day auction times

  • Auction end dates follow a predictable schedule (e.g 12/11 additions end on 12/18 but the final end date of the whole auction event is undefined)

  • Weekends excluded from auction start dates

Premium Domains:

  • First day included high-quality names like Cliche.com and VisitVegas.com

  • On the second day we added more domains such as SalesDesk.com, Appy.com, and Spent.com

  • Similar caliber names will be added daily throughout the event

No-Reserve Auctions:

  • Starting prices vary but all names will sell with at least one bid

  • Essentially, if you place a bid, you can win the name

  • Competitive starting bids (e.g $6,499 for Cliche.com)

Stay Updated:

  • Since were adding new names every day, its recommended that buyers check back daily to discover new additions

  • Visit NameFind.com for a redirect to the auction page

(Posted December 11, 2023)


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