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Domain Industry Pioneers Turned Out for 2024 South Florida Domainers Meetup in Fort Lauderdale

From the earliest days of domain investing, South Florida (the region starting at  Palm Beach and continuing south through Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Florida Keys) has been regarded by many to be ground zero for the explosive growth that has followed over the past 25 years. So, it is probably not surprising that some of the industry's most widely known pioneers were seen holding court at this year's meeting of the South Florida Domainers group that was held Wednesday evening, March 6 at the Sistrunk Marketplace & Brewery in Fort Lauderdale.

Where else could you have gone in the world to see Domain King Rick Schwartz, the legendary Mike Mann, trail blazing super brokers Ari Goldberger and Larry Fischer (with Ari also world renowned as one of the Three Amigos - a trio of groundbreaking domain attorneys that included John Berryhill and the late great Howard Neu) and visionary investor Chad Folkening - all at one  intimate gathering at a local bar! Then add in some of the brightest lights from the second wave of extraordinary talent that has risen to the top of the industry over the past 15 years or so.

Above & Below: The 2024 South Florida Domainers meeting getting underway Wednesday night, March 6, at the Sistrunk in Fort Lauderdale, a comfortable, centrally located spot with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy catching up with some of the best people in the business (and there was no charge to attend)! The is the same venue where the group emerged from the Covid shutdown for a 2023 meeting that left them, and those who missed it, eagerly awaiting this year's reunion. Attendance doubled as a result.

Above (left to right): Eddie Sixto, Rick Schwartz and broker Tracy Fogarty. After the SFD group had grown relatively dormant for a few years, a situation compounded by the global pandemic, Eddie led a group of original members who decided it was time to get the band back together.

Below: (left to right): Mike Mann and Marc Mojica (who came all the way from Michigan for the event) re-connect with Eddie.

Above (left to right): Jason Greenwald, Stu Maloff and Ehren Schaiberger. Stu and Ehren were among those who pitched in to bring regular SFD meetings back. The plan is to hold one annual meeting and, possibly, put together a  spontaneous meeting from time to time. Knowing only one a year is assured adds some urgency to making sure you don't miss it when the annual get together is held.

Below: Two of the true OGs in the domain investing world (and great guys to boot), Larry Fischer (at left) and Chad Folkening, comparing notes last Wednesday night. 

Above (left to right): Combining .com and camaraderie - Allen Threadgill, Jason Greenwald, Elliot Edelman, Howard Fellman and Eddie Sixto at the Sistrunk. 

Below (left to right): The trio at front left includes Jason Greenwald, Ari Goldberger and Mike Mann. The quintet standing at back and to their right includes Mark Albers, Eddie Sixto, Marc Mojica, Jeremy Kayne and Dante DeAngelis.

Above (left to right): Multiple Conversations were constantly underway throughout the venue. Here broker Mark Daniel (DomainHoldings.com) paused for a photo while having one with  Ehren Schaiberger and Eddie Sixto 

Below (left to right): Larry Fischer, .ART Registry CMO Jeff Sass and Ehren Schaiberger chatting with Jason Greenwald.

Above: Standing left to right are Allen Threadgill, Rick Waters, Scott Ross, John Mauriello and Eddie Sixto while Dante DeAngelis (at center) holds the seat of honor.

Above: The event officially ran from 7:30 to 10pm but, as was the case last year, it went into overtime out in the parking lot where the last men remained standing until well past midnight! Left to right are Marc Mojica, Ehren Schaiberger, Rick Waters, Adam Maysonet, Sam Nihalani and Eddie Sixto.

In may sound far fetched, but given the enthusiasm of these South Florida Domainers, I wouldn't be surprised to find them still out in the parking lot in 2025 waiting for the Sistruink to open for next year's meeting! 

(A big thank you to Eddie Sixto who provided the photos for this article).

(Posted March 11. 2024)   


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