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Local and Regional Gatherings Help Fuel Grass Roots Growth for the Domain Industry

Major domain conferences like T.R.A.F.F.I.C., DOMAINfest and Domain Roundtable have played a major role in generating interest and growth in the domain business. Over the past few years smaller gatherings of people who invest in and/or develop domains (and people who want to learn how its done) have been sprouting up in local cities and regions across the U.S. and beyond - further helping to expand recognition and participation in the industry - something that benefits all of us.

These shorter geo targeted meetings (usually just a day or two) with low or no registration fees serve a dual purpose. In addition to giving veteran 

Scene from one of the early local domainer's meetings,
 this one (sponsored by Parked.com) was held in
downtown Tampa, Florida in September 2008.


domainers a chance to network face to face and possibly partner with others who live nearby, they give newcomers an affordable way to learn the ropes and get some personal guidance from experts in the field, some of whom come in from far away to make new contacts. Many of the conference newbies will soak up that knowledge, enthusiastically dive into the business and eventually make their way to the global events mentioned above.

These local and regional events are serving as an increasingly important grass roots gateway to the domain industry that will make it an even stronger business in the years ahead. A prime example of the kind of event I'm talking about was the first Rocky Mountain Domain Conference (RMDC) held in Denver, Colorado Saturday, February 26, 2011 (with a second optional ski/snowboarding day at a nearby resort on Sunday). Local domain investor Michael 
Law staged this meeting and sent us some photos and highlights that will give you an idea of what to expect should have an opportunity to attend a similar gathering in your own locale. This information could also serve as a handbook for anyone thinking about staging a local or regional event in their own community.

NameBee.com and Boxcar.com signed on as sponsors to help defray the costs for the event with Name.com providing additional support, as well as a keynote speaker in Name.com Founder and CEO Bill Mushkin. 33 people registered for the event, including several local domain investors who were attending their first conference. They were all treated to nice rucksack gift bags and pint glasses provided by Name.com, as well as free flash drives provided by Mimi Rupp of the Kenyon and Kenyon law firm. 

Part of the crowd at the 1st Rocky Mountain Domain Conference in Denver Feb. 26, 2011

Unseasonably warm (for Denver in February) 50-degree weather and sunny skies greeted attendees on conference day when they gathered at the show venue - a beautiful Victorian mansion that also serves as home to the Russian Consulate of Denver. One of the conference speakers, Rick Waters, CEO of Webcast1, said, "This unique setting gave this regional domain conference a special character and the warmth of the building put attendees and speakers at ease." 

Bill Mushkin
Founder & CEO, Name.com

Bill Mushkin kicked things off with his keynote talk titled "Facebook's Daughter." Rick Waters, who flew in from Del Ray Beach, Florida, followed by sharing his insight on the state of the domain industry and delivering a presentation titled "7 Steps of Premium Domain Development". Abdu Tarabichi, CEO of Domains Guru, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina, was up next. Abdu discussed domain buying and selling strategies that have made him a successful domain broker and reseller. 

Conference organizer Michael Law spoke next, giving a short presentation on types of domains to invest in and his strategy for making end user sales. The morning session closed with each attendee asked to introduce themselves and their company and to give a brief summary of their experience with domains.  

The one-hour lunch break also served as a productive informal networking session that gave attendees and speakers a chance to get better acquainted. After lunch, Michael Law was joined by Braden Pollock of Legal Brand Marketing, LLC for a question and answer session during which Pollock detailed how he utilizes domain names to create leads for his 

comprehensive DUI network. Pollock also provided some insight into why parking revenues are declining and how domain development can help domainers achieve higher revenues.  

Three of RMDC's speakers (L to R): Rick Waters (Webcast 1), 
Mimi Rupp (Kenyon and Kenyon) and Braden Pollock (Legal Brand Marketing LLC). 

Adam Torkildson, VP of operations at Utah-based CustomerHook.com followed with a talk about the importance of branding, data capture and the website infrastructure needed to achieve better SEO results. Adam's presentation was followed by a panel discussion featuring Jay Barr, President of JHB International and Buttons.com, Braden Pollock and Rick Waters, with Michael Law serving as moderator. 

(L to R): Jay Barr (Buttons.com), Rick Waters and Braden Pollock during their session.

In this session Jay, Rick and Braden discussed further opportunities Jay could explore to expand his e-commerce operation at Buttons.com, a site that is already one of the largest button and textile wholesalers in the world. Rick Waters covered the importance and advantage that businesses using blogs have and Braden talked about his new position as Chair and equity holder of Epik.com

Before the next business session, a door prize was raffled off with Hal Meyer of Hog Advertising LLC (who came all the way from Idaho for the show) winning an 8GB iPod Nano that had been furnished by Name.com. That set the stage for the next speaker - Mimi Rupp, a trademark/new media attorney from Kenyon and Kenyon LLP in New York. Mimi has successfully litigated many high profile domain dispute cases for domainers including Mrs. Jello, LLC, Domain Spa and Future Media Architects. Mimi covered "Best Practices for UDRP-Proofing Your Most Valuable Domains".  

Annalisa Roger, founder of DotGreen Community Inc. in San Francisco was up next. Annalisa shared the knowledge she gained from working so closely with ICANN over the last few years in anticipation of submitting an application for a new .green TLD.  Ms. Roger provided her estimate a the timeline for new gTLD approval and implementation while sharing many other interesting gTLD facts and charts.  

A second keynote speaker, Jason Boshoff, CEO of Florida's Domain Holdings LLC, closed out the conference business schedule with an informative high energy speech on premium domain development strategy. Boshoff also shared Domain Holdings' optimistic view of the value of domain names and evolution of the domain space. 

The busy schedule resulted in the conference concluding a half hour late but noone seemed to mind as the attendees and speakers continued networking until the lights were dimmed and they were instructed to head to the evening cocktail reception at Randolph's inside the Warwick Hotel where free drinks were provided by RMDC. Networking, conversation and good times went on at Randolph's for three 

Annalisa Roger
DotGreen Community Inc.

hours when the last dozen people still standing (including most of the speakers) decided to have a late dinner together at Las Delicias Mexican Restaurant. It would be close to 11pm before everyone reluctantly went home or back to their hotel rooms.

The following day (Sunday, Feb. 27), Michael Law, Mimi Rupp, Annalisa Roger and Rick Waters headed up to the Copper Mountain Resort in Summit County for a day of skiing and snowboarding. Roger, Rupp and Waters all skied while Law was the lone snowboarder in the group. For Annalisa Roger and Rick Waters this was the first time skiing in the mountains of Colorado. The group benefited from about 10 inches of new snow that had fallen over the previous 72 hours. The group had a nice lunch at a mid mountain restaurant called the T-Rex Grill and after a day of skiing and snowboarding, enjoyed happy hour food and drinks at Jack's.

Rick Waters (standing), Mimi Rupp (left) and Annalisa Roger 
enjoying RMDC's optional day at Copper Mountain Resort Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011

Law told us, "All in all I was so happy with the way RMDC turned out. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Attendees I spoke with had so many positive remarks and praise about RMDC and many were asking if I had plans to continue the conference next year. I couldn't have made this possible without support from the domain community, help with catering/organizing from my wonderful girlfriend Ana Rosales and the great speakers that traveled from every corner of the U.S. that really provided top notch information for attendees of RMDC."

While Law's conference will likely be an annual event, other groups around the U.S. are holding meetings as often as once a month. Groups are active in Southern California, South Florida and Portland, Oregon to name just a few places. This is a very positive trend that we see getting only bigger in the months and years ahead.

RMDC Organizer Michael Law


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