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Event Queen Jodi Chamberlain Expands Her Domain With Launch of a Global Executive Network at

Jodi Chamberlain has earned a stellar reputation for producing a series of crowd pleasing domain industry events (success she has duplicated with events in other fields as well). Last spring's Domaining Europe conference in Valencia, Spain added another major feather to her cap (and prompted show founder Dietmar Stefitz to immediately sign her up to produce the 2013 show next spring). Prior to Spain Jodi produced T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conferences in Las Vegas, Vancouver, Canada, Milan, Italy and Dublin, Ireland for Rick Latona who had licensed the right to stage a limited number of events from T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Co-Founders Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu

When Jodi's contract was up and Latona moved on to other enterprises, Jodi still had a love for producing events so the first thing she did was form an LLC for her own events company

"I knew some day I would be back," Jodi said. "The passion was strong and I was a natural at managing details. I named my company 32Events because I was 32 and it was the first time in my career I was seeing my future without riding someone elseís coat tails."

Chamberlain's new baby is already blossoming in multiple directions. One that she is especially excited about is an Executive Network that will debut next year. It will be aimed primarily at online entrepreneurs and will bring them together at select locations around the globe with Los Angeles, Florida, Canada and Germany chosen for the initial roster of sites (the specific cities in the latter three locales are still to be announced).

Jodi Chamberlain

Jodi filled us in on how this idea germinated. "This year has been extraordinary for me. Spain gave me the chance to understand that events is where my heart is at. The tedious details, working with different coordinators, the smiles on everyone's faces, the 'Thank you's' I get months after when people tell me how they were able to grow because of my event really hits my heart. And as I close my eyes and look into 2013 I can see exactly what I want," Jodi said.

"I want to do more. so I'm going to start a members only networking group - one that makes sense for many people because the meet ups will be in their back yard. No travel, hotels, rent a cars - just a few miles from their office," Jodi said.

Always well organized, Jodi outlined her plan for us in a series of bullet points:

  • Members only. You must be an executive, online entrepreneur and/or an investor. Decision makers only.

  • Each city meets 3 times a year. First meet up is a dinner. High end restaurant/s. Second meet up is a lunch. Last meet up is an end of the year dinner.

  • Each city will have dinners and a lunch. That's 12 possible meet ups a year for the members who want to visit network locales in addition to their own.

  • The membership fee includes all meals and drinks. 5 course meals, wine, cocktails etc.

  • The members can go to one meet up or all 12.

  • I will be at each meet up. This way I can make sure things are perfect and know what to change for the next meet up and/or obtain feed back from the members.

"Being a part of The Network you're also entitled to private executive getaways," Jodi added. For 2013 I'm looking at Richard Branson's properties. There would be additional cost to travel, however everyone on the trip would be an executive so plenty of business would be done."

And how about the cost? "My Membership fee would be $1500 annually and again, it covers all meals at every meet up. I'll also extend discounts to any event 32Events is working on throughout the year. For example, all members will receive 50% off Domaining Europe Spain tickets."

"My goal is to bring my executive network base together more frequently and by offering meet ups in the key cities I believe I can help many folks literally drive down the road and meet for hours with other executives," Jodi said, adding, "I'm not new to this sort of thing. When I lived in Atlanta I signed up for two networking groups. One was $250 and it was early on Tuesday mornings. Rushing through traffic stunk and it offered zero coffee or bagels! I actually brought them in as a treat for the other members."

"The other was more upscale - a $2500 membership fee and members met twice a month on top of a high rise were they were given appetizers. Drinks you needed to pay for. So, I'm creating the best scenario for my network. A fair price for a first class experience. 5 course meals and cocktails. I know the space could use this sort of coordinated platform - all they need to do is RSVP and show up!"

"Naturally, as I start piecing this together at times I say to myself, "is this really what the space needs? Will my network find the value in what I'm creating for them?" And just last week this article (by Richard Branson on How to Network) came across my desk, and I knew what I'm working on is exactly what the space needs!," Jodi declared.  

Jodi Chamberlain with David Castello (of Castello Cities Internet Network) at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas where Jodi produced a January 2010 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference. She convinced David to play for the crowd, re-igniting his life long love of music. Not long after, David moved to Nashville where he is drumming professionally, managing up and coming young star Bree and running his own publishing company (while still handling his CCIN duties - the company owns and many other great geo and generic domain names. 

Before I let Jodi go, I asked her a few follow up questions, starting with how she settled on Los Angeles, Florida, Canada and Germany as here initial meeting locales? " Location, location, location," Jodi answered. "I always keep this in mind when planning an event. LA and Florida have so many domainers it was important they made the list. And since Domaining Spain is one of my events, I know first hand how important the European market is. Again, its all about location and this is why I chose Germany. And when we all think of the success that has come from Canadian soil, I wanted to make sure they too were included."

I was also curious as to whether she considered less expensive "regional memberships" for those who would want to go only to the meet ups in their own area. "I have and still am considering regional memberships," Jodi said. "However each time I review the perks of the network the annual fee just makes sense. I can see how some canít make all meet ups but thereís more to the network than just dinners. Iím offering a discount for all members who wish to attend any event Iím producing plus coordinating two members only getaways. So, the membership fee has depth to it."

Jodi added, "I can see people signing just to attend the getaways and others because its in their backyards. The Executive Network will definitely grow into other areas. I can see cities such as New York, Las Vegas & Seattle making the list next year, plus adding another European city to the network.  If thereís a high enough demand for a specific area, you can guarantee Iím open to expanding the network." 

Last but not least, I noted that the Executive Network is primarily aimed at online entrepreneurs, but assumed it would be open to qualified people from other fields which Jodi confirmed. "Though is is online-centric other niches could also fit well with the network. All entrepreneurs/investors need to co mingle with each other," Jodi said. 

"Here is a true story," she continued. "I attended a Tony Robbins seminar a few years back and he  shared a story with us about a time when he was invited to travel with a group of eight other entrepreneurs/investors, a two week excursion around the world, flying privately and visiting places such as China and India. Tony was excited to spend quality time with other successful entrepreneurs. After he agreed to join the small group he was then told there was a $30,000 fee which covered his trip. Tonyís jaw about hit the ground when he was asked to pay 30K. It wasnít that he didnít have enough money, at that time he was worth $12 million. Itís just he had never in his life spent that much money on himself at one time. After serious consideration he paid the $30,000 and traveled with some pretty heavy

Jodi Chamberlain at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
show she produced in 2010.

hitters. The trip was great however it was on the journey back home when Tony struck up a conversation with a investment banker that ended up changing his business forever. The investor helped Tony turn his $12 million into over $160 million! That $30,000 was money well spent. A motivational speaker sits next to an investment banker and magic was created!"  

"You see itís about placing ourselves around others who can help get us to the next platform, around other brilliant minds -people who have that same intestinal fortitude that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur," Jodi concluded.


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