August 27, 2012

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15.com Fetches $100,000 in This Week's Top Reported Domain Sale 

Last year, Ian Andrew of DotcomAgency.com bought 14.com and this week he took the next logical step, purchasing 15.com at Sedo. Andrew told us his company plans to develop both of those domains as game portals. 15.com holds the #1 spot on our new Top 20 chart with RentalHouse.com in the runner-up slot after being sold by Gabriel Gσmez Rojo at DNForum.com for $72,000.

After those two there was a rapid price fall-off to the $27,777 commanded by #3 BuyUSA.com at SnapNames.com. BassetHound.com got a bite on the 4th position after going for $25,420 at Moniker.com.  

By Ron Jackson

Sedo.com had a huge week, sweeping half of the entries on the Big Board. Their list of ten winners was headed by a pair of names; Mapa.com and BlingNation.com that tied for 5th at $20,000 each. SnapNames, who charted five domains, came back at #7 with DSLStart.com at $18,662. Moniker added a second entry with #12 MySuperSweet16.com at $15,250.

Afternic.com/BuyDomains.com and TDNAM.com also made appearances on the elite list. The ActiveExchange at Afternic/BuyDomains scored with #11 Ticketbusters.com at $15,500 while TDNAM picked $8,005 from #19 TomatoVine.com

As usual, .com accounted for most of the chart entries, taking 14 of 20 positions, however the Country Codes claimed four rungs on the all-extension ladder with the other two going to .orgs. Sedo sold all four of those ccTLDs, with #8 Webcam.in (India's country code) leading the way at £9,200 ($18,299). The .org entries were #16 V-Chip.org, sold at SnapNames for $10,750 and #18 WomenToWomen.org, a name that sewed up $9,000 at Sedo. 

Here's a look at the complete leader board for the week ending Sunday, May 6:


The DN Journal Top 20 
Reported Domain Sales - Mon. April 30, 2007 - Sun. May 6, 2007
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. May 8


Sold For

Where Sold
1. 15.com $100,000 Sedo
2. RentalHouse.com $72,000 DNForum.com
3. BuyUSA.com $27,777 SnapNames
4. BassetHound.com $25,420 Moniker
("map" in Spanish)
$20,000 Sedo
BlingNation.com $20,000 Sedo
7. DSLStart.com $18,662 SnapNames
8. Webcam.in £9,200 = $18,299 Sedo
9. BigBelly.com $17,500 Sedo
10. wwwFacebook.com $15,722 SnapNames

11. Ticketbusters.com $15,500 Afternic/BuyDomains
12. MySuperSweet16.com $15,250 Moniker
13. Winterreise.de
("winter travel" in German)
€10,000 = $13,543 Sedo
14. BTP.co.uk £6,000 = $11,939 Sedo
15. Makler-Hamburg.de €7,950 = $10,767 Sedo
16. V-Chip.org $10,750 SnapNames
17. NurseConnect.com $10,000 Sedo
18. WomenToWomen.org $9,000 Sedo
19. TomatoVine.com $8,005 TDNAM
20. SnoringCure.com $8,002 SnapNames

Keep in mind that these are the highest value sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both.

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

.Com Supporting Cast

Afternic/BuyDomains again rolled out the biggest roster of solid four-figure sales. This is the sweet spot in the small business market and they hit it week after week with their ActiveExchange. This week's hits included Cruises4U.com ($8,000), TotalSecurity.com ($7,000) and Rheumatologists.com ($6,800). WebNetworks.com and CulinaryConcepts.com cooked up $5,000 each while EnglishLab.com landed $4,400

AutoInsurancePlans.com provided $4,350, PassportTravel.com produced $4,200 and two others; Paperz.com and AgencyJobs.com drew $4,000 each. Aquilus.com captured $3,888, ImperialFurniture.com delivered $3,724 and MoveRight.com cornered $3,700. LifeLoans.com and InvestmentAbroad.com brought $3,500 each, NoNews.com notched $3,388 and NEBH.com kicked in $3,303.

Afternic/BuyDomains had another 49 .com sales ranging from $2,000 to $3,200. Those are listed in the table below:

Additional Afternic/BuyDomain Sales Between $2,000-$3,200
yourtel.com $3,200   ihomesearch.com $2,288
onshoes.com $3,100 cobaltmedia.com $2,288
militaryaviation.com $3,100 beway.com $2,288
saudistockmarket.com $3,088 snowusa.com $2,200
possabilities.com $3,000 easylifter.com $2,200
naturalresourceslaw.com $3,000 topgunrealestate.com $2,152
registereddietitians.com $2,900 excellentresources.com $2,100
letsgonow.com $2,900 airunion.com $2,088
pro-health.com $2,888 nutritionanalysis.com $2,052
yournextjob.com $2,688 animalliberation.com $2,016
hotel-express.com $2,600 technopedia.com $2,000
yipl.com $2,500 studentweek.com $2,000
wineconsultants.com $2,500 ontheroadagain.com $2,000
vitaminmarket.com $2,500 niklas.com $2,000
tradercentral.com $2,500 medicalwellness.com $2,000
systemlabor.com $2,500 lawvideos.com $2,000
raingauges.com $2,500 justrings.com $2,000
danku.com $2,488 integrato.com $2,000
mycoders.com $2,400 instanttranslation.com $2,000
freelancecoders.com $2,380 fundinvestor.com $2,000
accentawning.com $2,310 comparativelaw.com $2,000
stpetersburghotels.com $2,300 communicationslaw.com $2,000
driveclub.com $2,300 budgetmobile.com $2,000
justnature.com $2,288 boarddirector.com $2,000
   abundantliving.com $2,000

Afternic/BuyDomains had nearly 221 more .com sales ranging from the $1,990 paid for BeachApartments.com all the way down to the $300 that WorldSalesForce.com went for.

Back at Sedo, CurrentForeclosures.com collected €5,000 ($6,772), SpecHomes.com spawned $5,500 and MarketingOptimization.com managed $5,400. A trio of names including GreenLab.com, ZeroClosingCostMortgage.com and CooperCity.com sold for $5,000 each while eContainer.com contributed $4,200.

TDNAM took in $7,615 for ResortCondos.com, $3,430 for Modern-Guy.com and $2,005 for ForceComputers.com.

The sales list at SnapNames included Personal-Loan.com ($5,733), MotorcycleVideos.com ($5,300) and Ambi.com ($4,667). Aquaduct.com added $4,655, SummitDesign.com secured $3,800 and StraightRazors.com shaved off $3,622. ThoroughbredRacehorses.com crossed the finish line with $3,566, BreastCancerSupportGroup.com generated $3,556 and SmartGPS.com located $3,500.

WorldDomain.com clicked for $3,400, BunnySlippers.com bagged $3,150 and LargePrints.com posted $3,121. Preferred Traveler.com unpacked $2,877, BeesWaxCandle.com lit up $2,667 and TacticalShop.com tacked on $2,300. Camelteo.com commanded $2,150, ElectricMobilityScooter.com plugged in $2,115 and UltraCare.com dispensed $2,050. The SnapNames roster was rounded out by WorldPark.com ($2,001) and CoolBizIdeas.com ($2,000)

Global Contenders (.biz, .info, .mobi, .net & .org)

After an off-week last week, .org bounced back to take the top two positions on the Global Contenders chart this week. Both of these names, V-Chip.org ($10,750) and WomenToWomen.org ($9,000) also made the all-extension leader board you saw earlier. 

.Info claimed the #3 slot with Justin Godfrey's private sale of Horoscopes .info for $7,250 and also locked up the 9th hole with Fuehrerschein.info ("driver's license" in German) at €2,500  ($3,386).

.Net had the most entries overall with 11 and swept positions four through six with Catalunya.net ($6,610), Stumble.net ($6,000) and Gum.net ($5,179)

.Biz also got into the act with #7 CarInsurance.biz at $3,801. Afternic/BuyDomains had the most names on the GC list with nine, followed by Sedo with six and SnapNames with three. Here's how all of the GC top sellers stacked up for the week ending May 6:

Global Contenders Top 20
 Highest Reported Non .Com Global TLD  Sales 
(.Net, .Org, .Biz & .Info) Mon. April 30, 2007 - Sun. May 6, 2007
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect May 8


Sold For

Where Sold
1. V-Chip.org $10,750 SnapNames
2.  WomenToWomen.org $9,000 Sedo
3.  Horoscopes.info $7,250 Pvt Sale
4.  Catalunya.net $6,610 SnapNames
5. Stumble.net $6,000 Afternic/
6. Gum.net  €3,824 = $5,179 Sedo
7. CarInsurance.biz $3,801 SnapNames
8. Synoptic.net $3,500 Afternic/
9. Fuehrerschein.info
("driver's license" in German)
€2,500 = $3,386 Sedo
10. Zong.mobi $3,500 Sedo

11. IOU.mobi $3,325 Sedo
12. Lais.net $2,888 Afternic/
Knut.net $2,488 Afternic/
GreenLife.org $2,488 Afternic/
15. OwnEnergy.net $2,288 Afternic/
16. Boredom.net $2,200 Enom's Club Drop
17. Ivories.net $2,000 Afternic/
18. RentAGeek.net $1,850 Afternic/
19. Lebenslauf.org €1,320 = $1,788 Sedo
20. WebSphere.net $1,750 Afternic/

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

There were 22 more four-figure GC sales just off the chart. Prizes.info, sold for $1,750 in a private transaction and Acting.biz, dealt for $1,620 at Moniker, were the biggest two in that bunch.

Afternic/BuyDomains accounted for 13 of the supplemental four-figure sales. On the .org side of the ledger, they scored with ProjectZero.org ($1,500), Matador.org ($1,400), OrganicFarming.org ($1,200) and GreenWeb.org ($1,188). Woodworks.org and BeautifulWorld.org went for $1,088 each and BoardDirector.org added $1,000

The .net sales at Afternic/BuyDomains included OSN.net ($1,500), Blackbeards.net ($1,288) and EatOut.net ($1,050). They also earned $1,000 apiece from NewYorkSports.net, ElectricBike.net and DiscountMail.net.

At Sedo, Play.name picked up €1,100 ($1,490), MilitaryHistory.org booked $1,400 and 172.mobi made $1,200. 058.mobi and Desire.biz attracted another $1,000 each.

Justin Godfrey also completed a pair of .info sales at DNForum.com, banking $1,000 each from Smokes.info and Petrol.info

Country Codes

A quartet for big five-figure sales led the Country Codes this week. All of those were good enough to make the all-extension leader board you saw earlier. Webcam.in was the big gun in that group, ringing up £9,200 ($18,299) at Sedo.

Germany's .de was the leading extension, racking up six of the 16 chart entries including #5 MyMobile.de ($6,758) and #7 IOBox.de ($4,051). Both of those sales were made at Sedo, a venue that swept 13 of the 16 chart positions. 

Great Britain's .co.uk, the European Union's .eu and America's .us each put two domains on the elite list this week. The other countries represented were Romania (.ro), Grenada (.gd) and France (.fr). Here's a look at the complete Country Code chart for the week ending May 6:

Country Code Top Sellers
 Highest Reported ccTLD  Sales: Mon. April 30, 2007 - Sun. May 6, 2007
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. May 8


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Webcam.in £9,200 = $18,299 Sedo
2.  Winterreise.de
("winter travel" in German)
€10,000 = $13,543 Sedo
3. BTP.co.uk £6,000 = $11,939 Sedo
4. Makler-Hamburg.de  €7,950 = $10,767 Sedo
5. MyMobile.de €4,990 = $6,758 Sedo
6. StyleXP.ro $6,181 Moniker
7. IOBox.de €2,991 = $4,051 Sedo
8. A.gd $3,000 Moniker/ T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Stardunet.fr €2,000 = $2,709 Sedo
MyClient.eu €2,000 = $2,709 Sedo
11 Lagertechnik.eu €1,500 = $2,032 Sedo
12. BareMinerals.co.uk $2,000 Sedo
13. Milf.us $1,500 Sedo
14. Hotelzug.de
("hotel train" in German)
€1,000 = $1,354 Sedo
15. GameDay.us $1,250 Afternic/ BuyDomains
16. Sofortkauf.de
("buy now" in German)
€700 = $948 Sedo

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

Now that you're up to date on what happened over the past week, check out how the leaders stand year to date in all categories by visiting our Year To Date Charts page.


As always, we welcome all verifiable sales reports from companies, private sellers or individuals with knowledge of an important sale made through any channel. To contribute information and help make this column better,  just drop a note to [email protected].

We truly appreciate the industry leading companies who share their sales information with us to help everyone in the business get a handle on current domain values. Richard Meyer of DotCom Group, LLC also provides invaluable help in collecting data for these sales reports each week.

Every Tuesday we publish the highest reported domain name sales for the previous week. On Monday our contributors send us their sales data for the previous 7 days. We then compile that information and write this report for Tuesday night publication to give you the freshest sales report in the industry. 

Editor's Note: If you wish to review previous Domain Sales columns, they are available in our Archive.

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