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Practical Tips For Protecting Your Domain Names

By Brett Lewis, Esq.

After experiencing a letdown following the bursting of the Internet bubble in 2000, the sheer number of domain name registrations, their value and use have eclipsed their former peaks, by a number of different measures.  Yet, there is a finite supply of the best top level domains.  As a result, there is more pressure to own the existing good domain name registrations than at probably any time in the past, and fewer available options. 

In this regard, legitimate domain name holders must be especially careful to make sure to use their domain names in a manner that is consistent with third party rights.  The simple truth is that the UDRP process can be, and has been, used wrongly to wrest valuable domain names from legitimate holders. Full Story


Attorney Brett Lewis

"Generic Words" as Domain Names

By Stevan Lieberman & Debora McCormick

1) When is it permissible to use a generic word as a domain name?

2) When can generic words be registered as a trademark pursuant to United States law?

3) When can the person / company that has a registered trademark for the generic word(s) bring an action to have the registrant relinquish a generic word(s) domain?

Full Story

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