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February 16, 2017

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.Org Scores an Upset Win - Takes Top Spot on This Week's Sales Chart From Normally Dominant .Coms

It's a rare week when we have something other than a .com at the top of our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. This was one of those week's. Convenience.org landed in the penthouse suite on the elite list after an impressive $55,000 sale at Sedo. The runner-up was a 3-letter .com, the kind of name usually fills the top spot. That was LXW.com, also sold by Sedo, at $47,011.

.Coms filled the next six slots in a row including broker Sharjil Saleem's $31,000 sale of #3 5530.com. #4 Shays.com was sold for $28,750 through Michael Mann's DomainMarket.com (Mann told us he had purchased the domain for just $80 in 2011) and Sedo rounded out the first five with WWW2.com at $22,800.

The .coms wound up taking 14 of the 20 entries overall and the ccTLDs also had a good outing with with five spots. The non .com gTLDs were limited to just one entry but they made that count by staking their flag at the top of chart with Convenience.org. 

That country code quintet was led by a pair of names that reached the top ten with both sold at Sedo. #9 Bummeln.de ("stroll" in German) went for $10,865 and #10 Automation.ai attracted $10,000.

By Ron Jackson

Sedo wound up sweeping 17 of the 20 chart entries. DomainLore.co.uk was one of the three venues other than Sedo to take place on the Big Board. That was #12 AirportParking.uk at $9,300.

One other note before we go to the chart, as regular readers knows George Kirikos often uncovers previously unreported domain sales of considerable significance while studying government SEC filings. It is not unusual for those to be in the six or seven figure range. He alerted me to a smaller one this week that was of special interest because of how little it was sold for as well as who it was sold to.

 While reviewing this filing George found that under an endorsement, licensing and co-branding agreement that a company called MusclePharm struck with champion bodybuilder (as well as famous actor and former California Governor) Arnold Schwarzenegger, they allowed Arnold to buy the Arnold.com domain from them for the original cost they paid for it in 2013 - just $27,000 (plus 5% interest from the acquisition date). Arnold.com now redirects to Arnold's more typo prone Schwarzenegger.com web site. As George noted, "The seller totally blew it in 2013! If he was on the Celebrity Apprentice, he'd be terminated!" Amen to that and thank to George for that nugget from the SEC mines. 

Here is how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, February 12, 2017:

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales -
Mon. Feb. 6, 2017 - Sun. Feb. 12, 2017
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect Feb. 15, 2017)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Convenience.org $55,000 Sedo
2. LXW.com $47,011 Sedo
3. 5530.com $31,000 Sharjil Saleem
4. Shays.com $28,750 DomainMarket
5. WWW2.com $22,800 Sedo
6. DIK.com $22,066 Sedo
7. Endera.com $19,000 Sedo
8. LiveXXX.com $15,000 Sedo
9. Bummeln.de
("stroll" in German)
€10,250 = $10,865 Sedo
10. Automation.ai $10,000 Sedo

11. Top-Ten.de €8,925 = $9,461 Sedo
12. AirportParking.uk £7,500 = $9,300 DomainLore.co.uk
13. Ceramica.com €7,888 = $8,361 Sedo
14. Blackbook.com.au $8,000 Sedo
15. Quoten.com €7,500 = $7,950 Sedo
InsiderX.com $7,000 Sedo
SecureReview.com $7,000 Sedo
18. InvestInAmsterdam.com $6,000 Sedo
19. Partly.com $5,900 Sedo
20. Kredit-Ohne-Schufa.com €5,555 = $5,888 Sedo

Keep in mind that these are the highest value cash only sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both. Our procedure for verifying the accuracy of domain sales reports is available here.

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.Com Supporting Cast

Sedo led the .com supporting cast of four figure sales with Sportporn.com ($5,250), Bitvest.com ($5,100) and three others at $5,000 each - GratisTips.com, OldCock.com and V97.com. Amoment.com made $4,995, VirusGuard.com drew $4,900 and CleverTicket.com took in $4,890.

BigNest.com notched another $4,500 and Naturapedia.com produced $4,134. Sedo had 34 more four-figure sales ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 that are listed in the table below:

Additional Sedo .com Sales Between $2,000 - $4,000
rigtec.com $4,000   seokings.com $3,000
mioportuna.com $3,990 americasvoice.com $2,999
volunteersabroad.com $3,977 itlady.com $2,999
getyummy.com $3,900 yembo.com $2,999
oliverfinancial.com $3,900 propertyincome.com $2,897
singtime.com $3,800 lumeworks.com $2,780
wellnessguide.com $3,700 stoffwechseldiaet.com $2,750
cloudbliss.com $3,650 badante.com $2,500
avenude.com $3,500 msmasters.com $2,500
michaelellis.com $3,500 thermogroup.com $2,500