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March 15, 2017

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A Pair of 6-Figure Transactions Totaling $630,000 Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart 

Two of the year's 10 biggest domain sales to date were reported this week. As I told you in a Lowdown post Tuesday, Kate Buckley of the Buckley Media Group brokered a $500,000 sale of Refi.com - the 2nd biggest sale so far in 2017 (it also gave Kate two of the year's three biggest sales since she also brokered a $300,000 deal for Advance.com in January).

In another nice six-figure sale James Booth of BQDN.com moved W9.com for $130,000 to take the #2 spot on our latest weekly all extension  Top 20 Sales Chart (that sale also ranks among the year's top ten at #8 on the YTD list). Booth put another name in this week's first five with #4 PWW.com at $45,000. That was sandwiched between Yinan Wang's $67,000 sale of #3 MoreMoney.com at Afternic and LegalBrandMarketing leader Braden Pollock's sale of #5 Philmar.com at $22,500.

It was also a good week for Mike Mann's DomainMarket.com that produced four charted sales this week, led by #6 HealingHolidays.com at $20,000. Mann told us he originally picked up that domain in 2011 for just $74!

By Ron Jackson

Sedo wound up with the most chart entries overall, putting nine names on the elite list. Their roster was led by two domains that tied for #8 at $10,000 each - Advu.com (sold by a long time friend of ours, Howard Hoffman) and PremierModel.com

The .coms went on to sweep 19 of the 20 chart entries. The only exception was #9 Dealer.net, a domain that fetched $9,600 at NameKart.com.

Before we go to this week's charts, I also want to tell you about the latest sales discovery unearthed by George Kirikos. While examining a 2016 SEC filing made by Autobytel, George found a passage noting that the company had gained ownership of the premier domain UsedCars.com as part of its 2015 acquisition of another company- Dealix/Autotegrity. While we can't chart it since the domain was among many assets that came with the purchase Autobytel, in their filing, placed a value of $2.2 million on the domain alone. It's obvious that is a company that fully realizes the inherent power of a category killing .com domain. Thanks again to George for his diligence in uncovering so many of these previously hidden gems over the years.

Now on to this week's Big Board. Here is how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, March 12, 2017:

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. March 6, 2017 - Sun. March 12, 2017
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect March 15, 2017)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Refi.com $500,000 Buckley Media Group
2. W9.com $130,000 BQDN
3. MoreMoney.com $67,000 Afternic
4. PWW.com $45,000 BQDN/Chirag Chavda
5. Philmar.com $22,500 LegalBrandMarketing
6. HealingHolidays.com $20,000 DomainMarket
7. MichelleMason.com $13,000 DomainMarket
Advu.com $10,000 Sedo
PremierModel.com $10,000 Sedo
10. Dealer.net $9,600 NameKart

11. Marketu.com $8,750 Sedo
Intergift.com $8,000 Sedo
IPRad.com $8,000 DomainMarket
14. CoinGeek.com $7,910 Sedo
15. Centus.com $7,500 Sedo
16. SendIn.com €7,000 = $7,420 Sedo
Sponde.com $7,000 Sedo
TidyCleaning.com $7,000 DomainMarket
19. 827777.com $6,883 SnapNames
20. RangeCookers.com £5,390 = $6,576 Sedo

Keep in mind that these are the highest value cash only sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both. Our procedure for verifying the accuracy of domain sales reports is available here.

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.Com Supporting Cast

Sedo led the .com supporting cast of four figure sales with TrueDepth.com at $6,500DirtyDating.com drew $6,000. C-9.com notched $5,995 and EverDrone.com commanded $5,250. AlphaTV.com tuned in $5,200 while two others - Nexphone.com and TapSolutions.com - sold for $5,194 apiece

Two others - GlowSports.com and Vrify.com - kicked in $5,000 each. Drive-On.com coasted to $4,800 and Foamie.com found $4,674. Sedo had 23 more sales ranging  from $2,000 to $3,988 that are listed in the table below:

Additional Sedo .com Sales Between $2,000 - $3,988
stons.com $3,988   meyconsulting.com $2,650
emvio.com $3,650 paycco.com $2,650
honeylab.com $3,500 superfond.com $2,650
killyourtv.com $3,200 eyos.com $2,500
ferramenta.com $3,179 hologate.com $2,500
rrrp.com $3,100 ultsports.com $2,500
crowdcar.com $3,074 printabletemplates.com $2,299
drong.com $3,000 siconsulting.com $2,250
brazillng.com $2,999 myhfhp.com $2,033
cloudchecker.com $2,900 buyboom.com $2,000
bloglove.com $2,700 naturelo.com $2,000
eroticos.com $2,650   

At SnapNames StrategicPartners.com produced $6,000, JollyHog.com rooted out $3,395 and CashGold.com generated $3,200. StrongDomains.com attracted $3,051, FlyingCam.com captured $3,005 and OnlineBazaar.com banked $2,600.

Elsewhere, Mark Levine at DomainTheory.com moved BirchHouse.com for $3,200.

Country Codes

It was an off week for the ccTLDs. They had no representatives on the all extension leader board above as all of the reported sales in this category came in below $5,000. Sedo's $4,999 sale of Pool.com.au took the top spot on our latest weekly Country Code Top 20 Sales Chart with another one of their sales - LawFirms.co.uk - close behind at $4,514.

Golem.eu filled the #3 slot with Automate.eu at $3,815, one of three places they claimed on the leader board. Still, Sedo turned in another dominating performance, piling up 15 of 20 positions overall. They completed the first five with Solve.eu ($3,710) and Millemiglia.ca ($3,200). The only other venue to break through was DomainLore.co.uk with two entries led by #10 MobilityScooter.com at $2,684.

The European Union's .eu won a tight extension race with four chart entries. Here is how the country code leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, March 12, 2017:

Country Code Top 20 Sales Chart
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. March 6, 2017 - Sun. March 12, 2017
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect March 15, 2017)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Pool.com.au $4,999 Sedo
2. LawFirms.co.uk £3,700 = $4,514 Sedo
3. Automate.eu €3,599 = $3,815 Golem.eu
4. Solve.eu €3,500 = $3,710 Sedo
5. Millemiglia.ca $3,200 Sedo
Americalatina.it €3,000 = $3,180 Sedo
Bola.pt €3,000 = $3,180 Sedo
8. Helder.eu €2,999 = $3,179 Golem.eu
9. Kredit.bg €2,627 = $2,785 Sedo
10. MobilityScooter.co.uk £2,200 = $2,684 DomainLore.co.uk