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July 03, 2017

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Milo Yiannopoulos Shows Love for Hatred.com - His $150,000 Purchase Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart

Controversial alt-right media personality Milo Yiannopoulos has often been accused of spreading hate - a characterization that - true or not -  most would go out of their way to avoid. However, true to form, Yiannopoulous responded in a way that could further stoke the fires - paying Richard Dynas $150,000 for the domain name Hatred.com. Yiannopoulos promptly re-directed his new acquisition to the Amazon sales page for his book Dangerous - a savvy move as the publicity surrounding the sale will drive curiosity seekers to the domain, creating a new stream of traffic and additional sales of his book. Probably nowhere near enough traffic to pay for the domain but now that he owns it he can use it to other ways to build and profit from his unconventional "brand" from now on. 

In another six-figure sale this week, Graham Haynes sold XYB.com for $100,000 in another private transaction. Graham is no stranger to high end sales or purchases. In 2016 he bought Furniture.co.uk for $650,000.  

By Ron Jackson

Sedo took the next two spots on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart with YMB.com at $32,500 and OKChina.com at $32,500. Michael Mann's DomainMarket.com rounded out the first five with Komorebi.com at $29,888.

Sedo reeled in the next six spots in a row en route to piling up 12 of the 20 chart entries. That haul included three of the four ccTLDs that made the Big Board, including the largest one - #7 Casino.co.jp at $20,000. DomainMarket accounted for the other country code sale, moving #20 Hybrid.co for $12,000.

The non .com gTLDs were limited to one spot on the elite list. That went to a new gTLD -  #11 (tie) Virtual.network - after Webquest sold that domain for $15,000

The .coms took everything else, 15 of 20 entries overall, including a pair of sales from DomainNames123.com - UsedDrones.com and DroneRescue.com - at $15,000 apiece. Michael Berkens's Worldwide Media also contributed to the .com onslaught with #19 ReadyForMore.com at $13,500. Michael told me he had picked that domain up on the drop just last year for $255

Here is how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, June 25, 2017:

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. June 19, 2017 - Sun. June 25, 2017
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect June 28, 2017)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Hatred.com  $150,000 Pvt Sale
2. XYB.com $100,000 Pvt Sale
3. YMB.com $35,000 Sedo
4. OKChina.com $32,500 Sedo
5. Komorebi.com $29,888 DomainMarket
6. HomeExpert.com $25,000 Sedo
7. Casino.co.jp $20,000 Sedo
8. Aquiline.com $17,999 Sedo
9. Noids.com €15,000 = $17,100 Sedo
10. Noovie.com $16,000 Sedo

BetKings.com $15,000 Sedo
DroneRescue.com $15,000 DomainSales123
UsedDrones.com $15,000 DomainSales123
Virtual.network $15,000 Webquest
15. Qwant.de €12,500 = $14,250 Sedo
Bobank.com $14,000 Sedo
PowerGenius.com $14,000 Sedo
18. TimeMaster.de €12,000 = $13,680 Sedo
19. ReadyForMore.com $13,500 WorldwideMedia
20. Hybrid.co $12,000 DomainMarket

Keep in mind that these are the highest value cash only sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both. Our procedure for verifying the accuracy of domain sales reports is available here.

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