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Editor's Note: During the current Covid-19 epidemic we are publishing the domain sales report every other week. The latest report from June 10 is below. The next column will be released Wednesday evening, June 24. We review current conditions at the start of each month in anticipation of resuming our usual weekly release schedule as soon as possible. While Covid-19 cases have been declining in some parts of the U.S., as I write this (on June 17) our state, Florida, has been hitting record highs in new cases every day this week and seeing an increasing infection rate per capita, so we still have a lot of containment work to do. 

Kate Buckley Goes Back to Green Street to Close Chart Topping $100,890 Sale

Veteran domain broker Kate Buckley (Buckley Media) is back in familiar surroundings this week at the top of our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. Kate makes her latest trip to the penthouse on the heels of her $100,890 sale of GreenStreet.com to Green Street Advisors, a well-known international real estate and financial market consulting service. 


If you wonder how Kate consistently closes so many high end sales, persistence and paying attention to what is happening in C suites around the world are a major part of it. She told us she pitched GreenStreet.com to the company's previous CEO but he didn't see the value in it and declined to make an offer. Kate continued to keep an eye on Green Street Advisors though, 

knowing they were the perfect match for the premium domain. When she saw that a new CEO had taken control of the company - one with a better understanding of how valuable the name would be to the company - Kate got in touch with him and the deal was soon completed.  A great reminder that "no" doesn't mean never, it just means now. Another opportunity usually arises so be ready to take advantage of it when the time is right.

A non .com and a ccTLD share the #2 slot on this week's honor roll. Sedo tuned in a $70,000 payday with FM.net, a figure that was matched by the AUD 100,000 (USD 70,000) sale of Sleep.com.au in a Drop.com.au auction. The latter name was one of two Australian domains that landed in the top 5 on the Big Board. The other one from Down Under was #5 Link.com.au, a domain that investor Luke Smorgon quickly flipped for AUD 66,000 ($46,200) after winning it in an expired domain auction.

Sandwiched between those .com.au sales was #4 WebMonkey.com, a domain that NameJet moved for $65,500. The .coms went on to pile up 13 of the 20 chart entries with Adam Maysonet among those aiding the cause with his $45,000 sale of #6 Inula.com. Also lending a hand were DomainMarket's Michael Mann who sold #10 MakeID.com for $24,888 and SnapNames where #12 MyAdvocate.com changed hands for $18,500.





     By Ron Jackson

In addition to five .com sales, Sedo post two of the four non .com gTLD sales on the elite list, pairing their FM.net sale with a $28,500 sale of #7 C.live. Both of those sales rank among the 10 non .com gTLD sales reported so far this year. NameJet rounded out the non .com gTLD quartet with a pair of .orgs - #19 Inhalants.org ($14,000) and #20 Nectac.org ($12,732).

In addition to their two top five entries (thanks to .com.au) the ccTLDs put a third domain on the Big Board as Canada's eMall.ca moved #8 Finances.ca for CAD 34,500 (USD 26,220).

Here's how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, June 7, 2020:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. May 25, 2020 - Sun. June 7 2020
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect June 10, 2020)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. GreenStreet.com $100,890 Buckley Media
FM.net $70,000 Sedo
Sleep.com.au AUD 100,000 = $70,000 Drop.com.au
4. WebMonkey.com $65,500 NameJet
5. Link.com.au AUD 66,000 = $46,200 Pvt Sale
6. Inula.com $45,000 Adam Maysonet