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Vehicle.com Keeps Monte Cahn Parked in Top Spot on the Domain Sales Chart with Morgan Linton Also Lighting Up the Leader Board

Covid-19 may be turning the world upside down but it seems some things never change. Back in 2002 when I entered the domain business Monte Cahn had already been busy posting record-breaking domain sales for years. Here we are now, almost two decades later, and if you saw our last report, there he was saw again, sitting in the #1 position on our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart with Kick.com at over $276,077. Guess what changed this week? Nothing! The  RightOfTheDot.com Co-Founder & President is parked at #1 again, this time with Vehicle.com at $121,675


Whatever Monte's got, some of it seems to be rubbing off on Morgan Linton who also lit up our 

new leader board with two of the year's biggest sales to date. Morgan brokered the $90,000 sale of #2 UKG.com in the 3rd highest 3-letter .com sale reported so far in 2020 (only AOA.com at $200,000 and BTI.com at $100,000 have been higher). Morgan the Magician then pulled another rabbit out of his hat to claim the #3 spot as well. That $80,000 trick may have been even more impressive because he did it with a .net! In fact, by brokering Arc.net at that price he now has the biggest .net sale reported so far this year ($10,000 more than FM.net last month).

The other big story line this week is the continuing surge of the ccTLDs. Seven country code domains earned spots on the honor roll, led by DomainLore.uk's $50,315 sale of #4 HelpToBuy.org.uk. How could that three-word domain in the .org.uk extension that is seldom seen on the sales charts sell for that much? It was one of those cases where a high traffic website used to reside on the domain and, while the website is now gone, a lot of traffic is still going to the domain, including some that generates very valuable mortgage loan leads. 

DomainLore also teamed up with Broker Jag Singh of Jag.me to close the #10 sale of Tights.co.uk at $40,313. Another top ten sale for the ccTLDs is sandwiched between the two .uk sales. That one is Page Clinic's $48,500 sale of #7 Jackpot.io.





     By Ron Jackson

The .coms still managed to claim their usual majority of the chart entries, piling up a dozen of them this time out. A pair of them rounded out the first five at $50,000 each. Those were AbdulBasit.com's sale of AutoFun.com and the SnapNames sale of Bartenders.com. NameJet weighed in with a $47,510 sale of #8 Perfect10.com and Braden Pollock of LegalBrandMarketing.com rang the chart bell twice with #9 Packaged.com at $45,000 and #13 MoodRing.com at $30,000.

Several other venues added to .com's riches including Electronic Creations, Noktala.com, Sedo.com, and Kina Merdinian at Domains For Business with her $25,000 sale of #15 (tie) YELA.com. Here's how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, July 5, 2020:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. June 22, 2020 - Sun. July 5, 2020
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect July 8, 2020)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Vehicle.com $121,675 RightOfTheDot
2. UKG.com $90,000 Morgan Linton
3. Arc.net $80,000 Morgan Linton
4. HelpToBuy.org.uk 40,251 = $50,315 DomainLore.uk
AutoFun.com $50,000 AbdulBasit
Bartenders.com $50,000 SnapNames