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GoDaddy Shows Aftermarket Muscle With Quartet of Chart Topping 6-Figure Sales and Strong Supporting Cast 

GoDaddy has led the world in domain registrations for so many years I've lost count. At the same time, they have operated one of the leading aftermarket domain sales platforms but we haven't had much insight into the individual domains they have been selling and the kinds of prices they have been getting. That's because they stopped reporting their sales when they entered a mandatory quiet period before going public in 2015 (and, prior to that, were releasing only a few of their top sales). 


Things changed last month when the company started releasing a monthly list of their top 20 aftermarket sales for the fourth month back (for example, in October GoDaddy released their

Top 20 from June and now they have released their Top 20 for July). The delay allows for the extra time it can take to get the ownership of valuable domains verified, large payments collected and domain transfers completed. The latest list supports all of the anecdotal reports we have been getting of a pandemic-generated domain sales boom fueled by an urgent need for businesses to create or strengthen their online presence.

The list also provides, for the first time, some real insight into just how powerful GoDaddy's aftermarket operation has become. Those sales from a single month gave them the first 12 entries on our latest bi-weekly all-extension Top 20 Sales Chart and 19 of 20 entries overall. As a Floridian, it kind of looks like the chart has been hit by a Cat 5 Hurricane!

A quartet of six-figure sales led the way with chart-topper Fanbase.com at $151,000 followed closely by ZCG.com at $140,000, Wallpapers.com at $129,500 and iAgent.com at $102,000. In weeks like this, when a lot of high value domains are reported, the chart is invariably dominated by .com domains. Such was the case again, with only two non .com domains able to survive the tsunami. Those were Sedo's $42,543 sale of a Dutch ccTLD - #13 Gereedschap.nl ("tools" in Dutch) and GoDaddy's $36,500 sale of Mortgage.org. That is the 2nd biggest .org sale of the year to date, as well as one of 2020's 12 biggest non .com gTLD sales.  





     By Ron Jackson

On the surface, all of those .com sales might make it look like the ccTLDs and Non .com gTLDs had a couple of slow weeks, but that was not the case. As you will see on their dedicated Top 20 Charts further down in this report, each of those categories racked up a quartet of five-figure sales, many of which would have made the all-extension Top 20 Chart in any week that didn't have a GoDaddy storm coming ashore. 

Here's how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, November 22, 2020:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Nov. 9, 2020 - Sun. Nov. 22, 2020
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect Nov. 25, 2020)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. Fanbase.com $151,000 GoDaddy
2. ZCG.com $140,000 GoDaddy
3. Wallpapers.com $129,500 GoDaddy
4. iAgent.com $102,000 GoDaddy
5. GreenGarden.com $80,000 GoDaddy
6. SuperCoins.com $75,000 GoDaddy