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Domain Sales Explosion Continues - Seven 6-Figure Sales Totaling Over $2.9 Million Top This Week's Chart

The domain aftermarket turned in another dazzling fortnight over the past two weeks with big sales busting out all over. Seven of those rang the six-figure bell including RightOfThe Dot.com's chart topper, Tattoo.com, at $812,000. That also ranks as the 6th biggest sale reported so far this year.


You might recall that RightOfTheDot (ROTD) put that domain up for sale in a live online auction they staged in late February when it drew a $750,000 winning bid. Unfortunately, the "winner" not only failed to pay for that domain, he also reneged on high bids for both Bird.com ($2.5 million) and Fish.com ($1.6 million), costing everyone involved an enormous amount of wasted time and money. It has also resulted in 

the bidder being sued by ROTD and the owner of Fish.com and Bird.com. In the meantime ROTD President Monte Cahn found a new buyer who jumped at the chance to own Tattoo.com and the market has gone on to post a long string of eye-popping sales week after week.

In the #2 sale since our last report, as detailed by Elliot Silver at DomainInvesting.com, NameCheap.com Founder & CEO Rick Kirkendall plunked down $550,000 to add Wolf.com to the company's ever-growing collection of premier domain names. James Booth at DomainBooth.com filled the #3 spot with a sale that, big as it was at $440,000 (paid in Bitcoin), must have hurt at least a little. After all, it would be tough for any lover of domains named James to give up James.com - but a price like that does have a way of persuading people! Rounding out the first four is another 400K plus sale - Snappy.com at $415,000 (another hat tip to Elliot for filling in the back story on that deal handled by GetYourDomain.com's Larry Fischer (representing the seller) and the GoDaddy Brokerage, who represented the buyer).

The six-figure sales did not stop there. Shane Kinsch (who sold FTA.com for $400,000 in March) hit another home run with #5 Bico.com at $350,000, Sedo banked $181,500 for CopyMarkets.com and RightOfTheDot rang the bell again with ExchangeRates.com at $180,000.


While those .coms were blowing the roof off the place, the ccTLDs also had another great outing led by .io, a red hot extension that accounted for four of the five country sales that earned places on the Big Board. The biggest of those was #8 Avatar.io at $89,999 and #9 Ruby.io at $88,000. DomainBooth also posted one of the .io sales, collecting $45,000 for #16 Club.io. The one charted ccTLD sale that wasn't a .io was #19 ESN.co.uk - sold through SamCharles.com for 20,000 ($28,200).  





     By Ron Jackson

The non .com gTLDs were limited to one spot on the elite list  but it was an impressive one. They can thank RightOfTheDot for that. One of ROTD's four charted sales is #13 Organizations.org at $52,500 - a sale that ranks as the category's 3rd biggest sale of the year to date

We have tipped our hat to George Kirikos for newly discovered domain sales information so many times the brims are worn off all of our hats! Still we owe him yet another one for finding the March 2021 sale of #15 Cuentas.com ("accounts" in Spanish) at $47,000 in an SEC filing. Even more intriguing than that, George found evidence in another filing of Elevate Credit making a domain sale of $1.25 million but the mystery (as he he noted in this tweet and a follow-up tweet) is what domain was it? George's question about that to Elevate Investor Relations has gone unanswered so that one remains to be unmasked.

Here's how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, May 9, 2021:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. April 26, 2021 -  Sun. May 9, 2021
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect May 12, 2021)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. Tattoo.com $812,000 RightOfTheDot
2. Wolf.com $550,000 Pvt Sale
3. James.com $440,000 (BTC) DomainBooth
4. Snappy.com $415,000 GetYourDomain/
5. Bico.com $350,000 Shane Kinsch
6. CopyMarkets.com 150,000 = $181,500 Sedo