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More Fireworks on the Domain Sales Charts! A 7-Figure Blockbuster and Five in 6-Figures Electrifies the Leader Board

July 4th is still a few days away but the domain sales fireworks are already lighting up our all  extension Top 20 Sales Chart like it's Independence Day. Over the past two weeks we saw another 7-figuire blockbuster and five sales that broke the six-figure barrier. The headliner is a sweet $1,250,000 sale of Meme.com that we first told you about in our Lowdown section June 14th. CEO David Clements at Brannans.com represented the seller and worked with buyer representative Dotkeeper and Escrow.com to close the deal. Meme.com now ranks as the 4th biggest sale reported so far this year

Sedo filled the #2 spot on our latest bi-weekly leader board with a monster ccTLD sale, moving eCommerce.de for 152,000 ($180,880). It was huge couple of weeks in general for the country code domains as three of the year's 10 biggest sales in that category have been posted since our last report. I'll tell you more about that in moment. Greg Ricks and PerfectName.com also played a big role in the sales explosion, taking the 3rd and 4th spots on the elite list with Bookstore.com at $175,000 and VIV.com at $129,375. With the latter sale, Greg noted he was starting to see Chinese participation in the aftermarket ramping up again and that would be a very positive development.


Now, back to those eye-popping ccTLDs. In addition to eCommerce.de, two others joined the six-figure club with #5 Ledger.io going for $120,000 and #6 B.et bagging $100,000. Two of India's leading domain investors, Jay Paudyal and Arun Bansal (CEO at ServerGuy), the co-owners of Ledger.io (the 2nd biggest .io sale on record), credited the Senior Broker at Domainofy, Divya Shukla, for managing the deal that was closed via Afternic. Jay also said he closed an even bigger .io sale at $180,000 but that one was under an an NDA. B.et (a hack made possible by Ethiopia's .et country code) was sold by DomainHacks to the operator of well-established gaming site Bet.me. The ccTLDs went on to claim six chart entries overall with Sedo accounting for three of those, including #9 Stake.co.uk at $48,650


The non .com gTLDs also got on the board but were limited to one spot, the #20 position filled by NameJet's $21,899 sale of accounted for most





     By Ron Jackson

of the value in the sale. NCADD was an stablished site for the National Share.net. NameJet also reported a huge .org sale - NCADD.org at $130,000 - but that one appears to include a website whose traffic Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence but, for some reason went offline in 2019, remained dark throughout 2020, then suddenly re-appeared in May 2021 when this sale was made. There is now a statement on the home page that states "This is an archived copy of ncadd.org - some information could be out of date or inaccurate. We endeavor to get an up to date website ready with a wealth of information and help in the coming months."


Everything else went to the .coms with Sedo, NameJet and sister site SnapNames accounting for the rest of those, including three that Sedo put in the top ten. Name Jet and SnapNames released their top sales for the past two months. They normally report monthly but thing have been super busy there while their parent company, Web.com Group, was merging with the Endurance Group to create NewFold Digital Group

Here is how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, June 20, 2021:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. June 7, 2021 -  Sun. June 20, 2021
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect June 23, 2021)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. Meme.com $1,250,000 Brannans/DotKeeper
2. eCommerce.de 152,000 = $180,880 Sedo
3. Bookstore.com $175,000 PerfectName
4. VIV.com $129,375 PerfectName
5. Ledger.io $120,000 Afternic/Domainofy
6. B.et $100,000 DomainHacks