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Drive.us Pulls Into the Top Spot on the Latest Domain Sales Chart - Non .coms Take 7 of Top 10 Positions

Domain sales reported over the past two weeks produced one of the most unusual all extension Top 20 Sales Charts we've seen to date. For the first time, a .US domain claimed the #1 position on the elite list and non .coms overshadowed their normally dominant sibling, .com, by sweeping seven of the top ten positions (and 10 of 20 over all). 

As we first reported in our Lowdown section last week, veteran domain investor Keith Trost made .US's  first trip to the mountain top possible by selling Drive.us for $99,999 in a Buy It Now transaction at Afternic. Keith immediately re-invested some of the proceeds to buy Art.us for $15,000 after spotting it listed at Sedo. That sale also made the Top 20 (tied for #16).

Another big ccTLD sale, J.et,  shares the #2 spot with the highest non .com sale, Collab.org, after they changed hands for $60,000 each. DomainHacks.com brokered the J.et sale for seller Edoms.com with the name going to Automattic for their Jetpack service. Meanwhile, Mark Ghoriafi at MrPremium.com made that impressive .org sale happen. That's the second biggest non .com sale reported year to date, topped only by Z.org at $257,000 in January.

The .coms rounded out the first five with their first chart entries, both posted at Sedo, where #4 WWV.com sold for $55,499 and #5 Cont.com commanded $55,000. The ccTLDs immediately answered with two more sales - #6 Germany.tv at $50,000 via Uniregistry and #7 (tie) Pock.et at $30,000 in another score for DomainHacks.com. The latter domain also went to Automattic for another one of their services (Pocket Casts). 

The ccTLDs went on to take six spots overall. The non .com gTLDs filled four, including two more in the top ten (#9 Parametric.xyx, $29,888 at Swetha.xyz and #10 DV.net, $24,900 at Sedo). DomainRetail.com completed the non .com gTLD quartet by closing a $17,000 sale of #14 ETH.ceo at DAN.com).

Everything else went to the .coms and Sedo (who swept 13 of the 20 chart entries, including #7 (tie) PrivateHouse.com at $30,000








           By Ron Jackson

Here is a look at how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, February 27, 2022:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Feb. 14 - Sun. Feb. 27, 2022
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect March 2, 2022)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. Drive.us $99,999 Keith Trost/
Collab.org $60,000 MrPremium.com
J.et $60,000 Edoms.com/
4. WWV.com 49,999 = $55,499 Sedo
5. Cont.com $55,000 Sedo