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$550,000 Sale Puts Larry Fischer Back On Top of the Domain Sales Chart - Three Sales Crack the YTD Top 12 

We're heading back into summer and temperatures are rising in many parts of the world (it has been around 95F daily this week in Florida) but it has been even hotter in the domain aftermarket since our last bi-weekly report. Three of the 12 biggest publicly reported sales of the year to date have come in over the last two weeks, led by yet another chart topper from Larry Fischer (GetYourDomain.com). Larry has had so many over the years we've long since lost count. His latest gem, being reported for the first time here, is a $550,000 sale of Rural.com. In addition to topping our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart, this is they 3rd largest publicly reported sale so far in 2024. 

Also, as we reported in our Lowdown section last week, veteran broker Kate Buckley earned her umpteenth appearance on the leader board with Pose.com at $302,670. This is a first for Kate in another respect though - it is the first charted sale under the name of her new company with partner Todd Henderson, Defining.com. Though many of their sales are being made under NDAs (as is the case with all high end brokers) you can bet enough will be cleared for release to make the new name as familiar to readers as her Buckley Media brand has been in the past. 

The tantalizing trio at the top of the latest chart is rounded out by Sedo's eye-popping $225,000 sale of Humanity.org in the biggest non .com gTLD sale reported so far this year. That more the doubles the price of the previous chart topper (Profile.net at $108,897).

On the ccTLD front, the .ai onslaught continues with two big sales reported by Namecheap - #4 Mom.ai at $60,000 and #6 Rep.ai at $43,500.  Sandwiched between those two is an impressive $50,000 sale of 0.vip made through Afternic. The country code domains wound up with a half dozen entries on the elite list. The non .com gTLDs claimed four, including a pair of two-letter .law sales at Afternic, JM.law and VA.law, that tied for #12 at $14,999 each.

Still, the .coms held off the competition by taking 10 of the 20 chart entries. Sedo accounted for seven of those including one they moved for DomainMarket.com, #8 Cornucopias.com at $24,888.








           By Ron Jackson

One other note on a big historical sale that DomainInvesting.com reported this week when Elliot Silver learned Session.com had sold for $385,000 in 2021. We have added that sale to the 2021 Top 100 Chart in our Domain Sales Archive. Now here is how all of the leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, May 26, 2024:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. May 13 - Sun. May 26, 2024
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect May 29, 2024)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. Rural.com $550,000


2. Pose.com $302,670 Defining.com


$225,000 Sedo
4. Mom.ai $60,000 Namecheap
5. 0.vip $50,000 Afternic