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August 27, 2012

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The Lowdown

November 13, 2007 Post

Here's the The Lowdown from DNJournal.com! Updated daily to fill you in on the latest buzz going around the domain name industry!

Compiled by Ron Jackson (Editor/Publisher)


When it rain its pours. Following on the heels of his fall out with Moniker.com and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference co-founder Rick Schwartz (detailed in a post in this column yesterday), Name Intelligence Inc. CEO Jay Westerdal was hit with a new complaint today filed by Stephen Douglas, the Executive Producer of Westerdal's 2007 Domain Roundtable 

Jay Westerdal (left) and Stephen Douglas
teamed up to produce the 2007 Domain 
conference last August in Seattle

conference. Douglas posted on his SuccessClick.com blog that he had filed a breach of contract suit against Westerdal. Douglas wrote "I want to make it clear to everyone who knows me, or who has met me, either through business or the Domain Roundtable Conference: I NO LONGER WORK FOR JAY WESTERDAL AND NAME INTELLIGENCE. I currently have a lawsuit filed against him for breach of contract and gross underpayment for my commission as accorded me by my contract. I do NOT SUPPORT JAY WESTERDAL or endorse ANY of his posts regarding his judgments of other companies in this industry, many of who he looks at as competitors." 

Douglas further stirred the pot with a post at the DomainState.com forum this morning, saying "I was the executive producer of the Domain Roundtable Conference 2007 and had a five-year contract with Name Intelligence. However, I no longer have a relationship with Jay Westerdal and his company. This resulted from breaches of this contract by Jay and non-payment of my fair commission of revenue from designing, administrating and coordinating the event, and the outrageous padding by Jay of the expenses to produce the event which lessened my percentage of revenue after costs. I would like to state that I have no longer have any connection whatsoever with Jay or Name Intelligence, and do NOT endorse any of his outrageous comments and accusations towards Marchex, Enom, Moniker, Rick Schwartz, TRAFFIC, Snapnames, and other companies who Jay has felt the need to "judge", as if he has "clean hands."

I am saddened by the events of the past couple of days but not surprised. It's the public manifestation of something I've been seeing developing beneath the surface over the past couple of years - the transition of this business from a  "cottage industry" (with congenial relationships among most all of the major players) into  a "big business" where the stakes are higher and the competition much fiercer (with the fighting sometimes spilling out of bounds). I guess it is naive to expect anything else but that doesn't lessen the disappointment. Some will refer to 

this kind of thing as drama or a soap opera, but it is much more than that. These aren't actors. Real people that I care about are being hurt on all sides. They say "You can never go home again" and for this industry it's true. The "old days" are over and a lot of our disputes will now be played out in court rooms instead of settled privately. I know that's life in the modern business world, but I don't have to like it.
(Posted Nov. 13, 2007)

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