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August 27, 2012

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eNom Helps Industry Pioneer Warren Weitzman Regain All of the Domain Names Stolen From His Account Last Month

Last month we told you about a major domain hijacking incident  in which more than a dozen names were stolen from industry pioneer Warren Weitzman's account at eNom. At the time Weitzman said he thought there might have been a security breach as high as the registry level at Verisign - but the cause turned out to be the same one that is the culprit in most such 

incidents. "Using a weak password and user name appear to be the blame," Weitzman told us after eNom succeeded in recovering all of the names the thief had transferred out to other registrars after gaining access to Weitzman's account.

Weitzman said, "eNom security is as stable as it always was and I will continue to use their services. There was no evidence of an insider hack at eNom or leak. All in all, the hijacking was more a matter of a weak password and some clever work by a thief with lots of time on his 
hands.  Once DN Journalís article was published executives at eNom jumped in, support was there and it appeared that as word got out, all of the receiving registrars cooperated with eNom towards the domainís safe return."

Weitzman added, "The domain community came directly 

Warren Weitzman

to me in support and offered assistance from around the world. I never realized how connected we all were and am extremely grateful for all the aid and advice from everyone. To all my domainer friends out there and my attorney Stevan Lieberman, THANK YOU for your help and support."

Based on his harrowing experience Lieberman also wanted to pass on one critically important piece of advice. "Donít forget to change your passwords frequently and avoid using the same password at more than one registrar or website,Ē Weitzman said.

Michael Blend
Demand Media President of Platforms

Indeed, Demand Media's (parent company of eNom) President of Platforms Michael Blend told us thieves typically steal user names and passwords from sites with weaker security in place than a registrar like eNom employs. So, if you use the same user name and password at, for example, a free email service that you do on your critical accounts, a hijacker could steal the log in data from the unprotected site and use it to get into your high value accounts. "The weak link is often someone else's security," Blend said. He also advises devising names and passwords that are not easily "guessable." 

Blend added that eNom would be releasing a slew of 

free domainer-specific security products in upcoming weeks to give their customers added layers of protection against would be hijackers. Blend said Demand Media registrars eNom and BulkRegister will be offering large portfolio owners inbound transfers at cost if they like what they see once the new services are introduced.

(Posted August 31, 2009)

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