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August 27, 2012

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Chef Patrick Joins The Corporate World - Dude, What Were You Thinking!?

It's not often that you see freewheeling entrepreneurs like Patrick Ruddell (better known as Chef Patrick of blogging fame) taking a job in a big corporation. They are used to being their own boss and setting their own agenda. Yet, here was an email in my inbox last night from Oversee.net VP Mason Cole telling me that the company had gotten Patrick to sign on

Patrick Ruddell (Chef Patrick)

as a "domain sales specialist" (broker) working out of Oversee's Moniker.com office in Pompano Beach, Florida. April Fool's Day was a week ago and Mason always shoots straight, so I knew the news was on the level and that this was a story worth looking into. 

Patrick is a guy that I took an instant liking to the first time we met. He is smart, personable and has exceptional marketing skills that I knew would take him a long way. Though he is relatively new to this business he settled right in and with his ability to think outside the box, he built a name for himself almost overnight. With everything going his way I'm sure that, even though Oversee is a top notch company, the news that Patrick would be punching a time clock there left some people with one thought crossing their minds  - "Dude, what were you thinking!?" I hooked up with the Chef last night to get some answers to that question

DN Journal: OK Patrick, after years of being your own boss, why did you decide to give up the entrepreneurial life and take this new position with Oversee.net?  

Chef Patrick:  Being self employed for the last 5-6 years this was not an easy decision. After discussing the options with my wife and a couple of industry friends it seemed to be a perfect fit for me. Many factors came into play - health insurance, ability to increase my income while continuing my current projects, location (large domain community in South Florida ), goals of becoming a high-end domain broker and travel.  

DN Journal: What will your specific duties at Oversee/Moniker entail? I understand there will be some nice perks like an upcoming trip to Prague ?  

Chef Patrick:  My primary focus is to help clients acquire and sell domain names. I will spearhead a Social Media push for Moniker/SnapNames and co-host the Domain Masters radio show. In addition I plan to travel a lot, at least one show per month. In the next 60 days I have plans to attend the GeoDomain Expo in New O rleans (April), iGaming Super Show in Prague (May) and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in Vancouver (June).  

Chef Patrick at the 2010 DOMAINfest 
conference promoting his various 
sponsors with this customized shirt.

DN Journal: You just moved from the Tampa Bay area (where we are located) to Orlando in the past year. Now you are packing up the family and heading off again for South Florida What does your wife Zezura and the kids think about the move?  

Chef Patrick: Orlando was always intended to be a trial. When we moved here my wife and I said wed give it the school year and see if we liked it. Well, school is almost over and this is not the place for me. Sure well miss Sea World and Disney but we can always visit. My wife and kids are extremely excited to move to the Ft. Lauderdale area. They love the beach which we will definitely be a lot closer to with this move.  

DN Journal: I understand you will continue to write your blog, but will your new professional relationship with Oversee affect what you write about competitors (or whether you write about them at all?)  

Chef Patrick: No, I will not let my professional relationship with Oversee.net affect my blog. I have some great sponsors in Name.com, Parked.com, WhyPark.com and more that are direct competition for Oversee.net products but they will continue to be a major part of my blog.

This is something the company knew when hiring me. My employee contract allows me to continue the blog without restrictions. Oversee's SnapNames division was already a site sponsor so I will continue to post about their auctions and events. Now of course if Oversee.net would like to purchase ChefPatrick.com I am open to offers! :-)  

DN Journal: I know DNCruise, your domain conference on a cruise ship coming up in October, is also still on with Oversee now also signing on as a sponsor. Will this help make the cruise and even bigger and better event?  

Chef Patrick: Yes, Moniker/SnapNames has signed up for a sponsorship package and overall the company has been extremely supportive of my conference. For now there are no plans on making Oversee.net a major part of my first conference. Because I do plan on making this an annual cruise, who knows what will happen next year. 

DN Journal: Tell us more about your new role as co-host of the Domain Masters radio show.  

Chef Patrick: As of now my understanding is that Victor Pitts and I will share hosting responsibilities. I do have some ideas for the show and plan on bringing in other guest hosts in the near future. Maybe youd like to help with a show or two Ron? In all fairness this still being my first week with the company my focus is on learning the systems and processes in place for selling domain names.  

DN Journal: You have said in the past that you usually start your day at noon. Is joining the corporate world going to require re-jiggering your schedule?  

Chef Patrick: Believe it or not Ive been up by 8am every day this week and in bed usually by midnight. I say usually because its after 2am and I wanted to make sure and respond to your questions. So far so good, getting to work on time!  

Chef Patrick and David Castello at the 
2010 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas conference. Patrick presents David with a ladies 
undergarment he claims was thrown on 
stage at the Hard Rock Hotel after David's drum solo there. 

DN Journal: One final question - are your already lobbying for Oversee to return to the Playboy Mansion for next years DOMAINfest Global conference?  

Chef Patrick: Heck Im lobbying for the offices to be moved to the Playboy Mansion , LOL!

(Posted April 9, 2010)

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