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August 27, 2012

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Photos & Highlights From the 2010 DOMAINfest New York Power Networking Day    

The DOMAINfest New York Power Networking Day was held Wednesday (August 18) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan. Conference organizer Oversee.net was kind enough to send 

us some of Stefanie Papay's photos from the event so we could share them with you along with show highlights that Corinne Forti helped us put together.  

A crowd of approximately 200 people converged on the Big Apple for this second show in Oversee's new series of one-day power networking events (the first was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida May 13, 2010). Attendees came from as far away as Australia and Brazil , along with lots of new faces, who were eager to learn about the importance of domains for their businesses.

The jam-packed agenda began at 8am when the registration desk opened and attendees were invited to enjoy a 90-minute informal networking period complete with fresh coffee and sweet rolls. Registrants then headed to the conference room where Peter Celeste, Senior VP & General Manager of Oversee's DomainSponsor unit, welcomed the crowd. 

Gregg McNair (PPX.com) & Attorney John 
were happy to see each 
other again at DOMAINfest New York

Oversee.net's CEO and President Jeff Kupietzky then took the stage to explode 5 Myths About the Domain Industry in the show's first business session. Kuipetzky said those myths are:

Oversee.net CEO & President Jeff Kupietzky 
explodes 5 Myths About the Domain Industry in the 
opening business session at DOMAINfest New York

  1. The PPC Market is Dead. Jeff's reply: The PPC market is maturing, but it is definitely not dead. He cited some significant statistics, including the fact that Oversee.net saw a 28% rise in visitors year-to-date on their portfolio of more than 1 million domains, and a 15% increase in revenue per click.

  1. Main Street Has Come and Gone. Jeff's reply: Major media outlets are only now starting to write about domains as a viable investment strategy, such as CNBC’s five-minute spotlight on domains in July. Numerous outlets, including Reuters, New York Daily News, PC World, and CNN also covered the values of domains. 

  1. There is a Trade-Off Between Content & Montization. Jeff's reply: There does not have to be a trade-off between content and monetization because more good content is available. New content companies have invested in hiring quality writers, including AOL, Associated Content, Demand Me dia and Epik. The future holds opportunities to invest in build-outs that provide value to end users and advertisers.  

  1. Mobile Apps Will Kill Domains. Jeff's reply: There is a concern that smart phone apps are now threatening domains.  He said that a shift was coming but that it would be positive in terms of domains not simply working as address locators but becoming actual brands, which point to the real power and potential of this industry.  While emphasizing the intrinsic brand value of domains and he noted that Families.com as a great domain and a great brand. 

  1. There Are No Good Domains Left. Jeff's reply: There are plenty of domains available in the secondary market, which offer considerable opportunities for branding, co-developing, and acquisitions for further business growth.  Jeff’s complete presentation is available here:


Next up, at 10:30am, Naresh Rekhi, the Director of Product Management at comScore Inc., talked about Internet Vital Signs. Naresh shared statistical insights on user, keyword and advertising category trends gathered from comScore's Media Metrix suite of products. He also discussed key metrics indicating the growing influence of social media, mobile media, and video content on the web. You can view Naresh's complete presentation here

30 minutes later, it was time for the conference keynote featuring David Mason, Senior Vice President in charge of the AOL Content Platform. This session was presented in a  fireside chat format with Jeff Kupietzky returning to the stage to interview Mr. Mason. 

Mason discussed AOL's plans to launch a scalable content platform for publishers

ComScore's Naresh Rekhi analyzing 
Internet Vital Signs at DOMAINfest New York.

in early 2011. Mason said the new platform, to be implemented through Seed.com, will produce advantages for advertisers and publishers alike. He stressed the importance of the domain channel to AOL and the flexibility of the upcoming initiative.   Mason also fielded questions from the audience to close out the well-received session.

Above: AOL Senior VP David Mason (right) fields questions from Jeff Kupietzky 
and the audience during a keynote fireside chat at DOMAINfest New York.

Below: Part of the crowd on hand for the keynote session.

After a noon lunch break, attendees returned to the conference floor for a two-hour power networking session that featured experts in four different fields who were on hand to answer questions one on one. The experts set up in four different areas and wore white lab coats to make them easy to identify. Attendees could then circulate around the room to get advice.

A scene from one of the power networking discussions at DOMAINfest New York.

The four topics covered and the experts who provided advice were:

  • Topic 1: Local Search Trends – Is it Time to Invest?: Andrew Allemann, David Asplund, Elliot Silver, Frank Langston, Steven Kaziyev

  • Topic 2: How to Get the Most out of Affiliate Marketing: Dan Ho, Evan Horowitz, Reed Shelley, Adam Weiss

  • Topic 3: Online Advertising Trends: Jay Berkowitz, Adam Epstein, Roderick Moon, Tom Rusling, Hui Tam

  • Topic 4: Legal Q&A: John Berryhill, Ari Goldberger, Todd Greene

The final order of business was Moniker's big live domain auction that got underway at 4pm. That event, conducted by auctioneer Wayne Wheat, wound up generating $1,801,900 in sales from the show catalog ($1,265,000 of that amount came from a five-name package including T-Shirts.com that was actually closed in a separate deal the day before it was scheduled to go on the block during the live event. We posted more details on that deal in our weekly domain sales report). 

Above: Monte Cahn (Moniker.com) & Auctioneer Wayne Wheat (standing) run the live auction.

Below: Part of the crowd on hand for Moniker's live domain auction.

Other notable sales from the auction included Disco.com ($255,000), BigApple.com ($70,000), NewYorkApartments.com ($65,000), Companion.com ($45,000) and, in what may have been the deal of the day, Exterminating.com at $35,000.

The curtain came down on DOMAINfest New York with a 7:30pm Networking Dinner Party hosted by DomainSponsor.com.

Attendees wrapped up a busy Power Networking Day at 
DOMAINfest New York
with this evening dinner party.

DOMAINfest New York drew a lot of favorable mainstream media attention, including this video report at CNNMoney.com and wire service coverage from Reuters. With another successful show under their belt, the DOMAINfest team now turn their attention to the other side of the Atlantic for DOMAINfest Europe 2010 which is coming up in Prague, Czech Republic October 5-7, 2010. Early registration is available through Tuesday, August 31 for $495.  The standard conference rate of $595 will then be in effect through September 30.

(Posted August 24, 2010) 

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