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October 25, 2012

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The 20 Biggest All-Cash Domain Sales Ever Reported by DNJournal.com   

Last week when the news broke that Sex.com would be sold for $13 million in a bankruptcy court auction (payment and transfer of the domain have not yet been completed) a number

of mainstream media outlets, including ABC News, AOL's DailyFinance.com and The Economist, contacted me to ask where that sale would rank among the biggest domain sales ever reported. 

I have never published an all-time biggest sales list, because I won't vouch for sales reported before we started tracking and verifying aftermarket sales in late 2003. Many of the sales reported prior to that were not cash deals (payment was often made, at least partially, with stock that declined dramatically in value) and some of the reports were simply bogus (Beauty.cc at a "reported" $1 million being one of the most infamous examples).

None the less, when a big sale like the impending deal for Sex.com is in the news,  

mainstream outlets always want to know where that sale ranks among the biggest deals ever, so I tell them the ones we we will stand by as all cash sales of a domain name only. Others often mix sales of online businesses, like Insure.com at $16 million, into their lists of top sales even though comparing the sale of domain names to developed businesses is like comparing apples to oranges - they are not the same thing and shouldn't be ranked as if they were. Still other lists repeat erroneous information from other sources and list transactions that never happened (Israel.com at a reported $5.88 million for example, never happened). 

The Economist decided to follow our methodology and printed the 15 biggest all cash sales ever reported by DN Journal in their report about the Sex.com sale. By the way, their list is accurate - some other sites that quoted sales reported in DN Journal are not because they had typos that turned singular domains into plural ones (for example, some listed Diamonds.com and Computers.com when the names we reported sold were the singular versions; Diamond.com and Computer.com). 

Some of you may have missed the list we provided for The Economist so, for all who are interested, below is an expanded list of the 20 biggest sales reported by DN Journal since we started tracking the domain aftermarket in the fall of 2003 (this list is current as of November 5, 2010. If the Sex.com sale successfully concludes at $13 million it will move to the top of this list):

The 20 biggest cash domain sales ever reported by DNJournal.com

1. Fund.com



11. Computer.com


2. Porn.com


12. Seniors.com


3. Diamond.com


13. Fly.com


4. Slots.com


14. Dating.com


5. Toys.com


15. Auction.com


6. Clothes.com


16. DataRecovery.com


7. (tie) Vodka.com


17. Ticket.com


7 (tie). Candy.com


18. (tie) Russia.com


9. Shopping.de


18. (tie) Tandberg.com


10. CreditCards.com


18. (tie) Cameras.com


*Shopping.de sold for 1,960,000 in 2008. The dollar equivalent at that time was $2,858,945.

(Posted November 5, 2010) 

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