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August 27, 2012

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DomainAdvertising.com Issues Study Showing Impressive Results for Their Graphics Rich Parking Platform + ICANN Meeting Opens With New gTLD Plans Under Fire

DomainAdvertising.com is a new kid on the domain parking block, having just joined the PPC fray at the start of this year. However, the new platform, a division of Mumbai, India based powerhouse Directi, launched with immediate credibility by bringing former Fabulous.com COO Dan Warner on board as their CEO.

Warner's presence and DomainAdvertising's new approach to parking (with attention grabbing graphics rich landing pages focused on photos rather than text) peaked the interest of many domain investors who have grown tired of seeing their parking revenue plunge over the past couple of years. 

I have been hearing positive feedback from many who have tried the platform and now have some hard numbers put forth by Warner in a new case study he assembled with the testing help of ParkLogic.com, a monetization company headed by Michael Gilmour, whose model involves moving domains between a number of different PPC providers to match each name with the provider that generates the most revenue for that particular domain.

Dan Warner
CEO, DomainAdvertising.com

At Fabulous Warner was known for publishing detailed white papers on a variety of industry topics, so he made a point of noting that the case study covering DomainAdvertising results is not an academic paper. In this case he called the format a general dialog with supporting numbers, all of which are bundled into a tidy10-page Powerpoint presentation

Warner also noted, "The study specifically restricts traffic to English speaking countries, excludes domains that are banned by upstream providers, and only includes domains in categories with our design system implemented."  With that in mind, the numbers he cites are quite impressive. Some of the highlights include:

       67% of domains performed better on the Domain Advertising system (compared to their previous provider's system) under test conditions.

       On aggregate there was a 50% increase in revenue for the domains tested

       A very consistent result was achieved across all traffic volume ranges  

       There was a 164% increase in revenue for the  67% of domains which were “won” by  Domain Advertising ("won" meaning the domain performed better on the DA platform than it had with its previous provider).

       $96 RPM aggregate revenue was achieved on the 67% of domains won by Domain Advertising (English Speaking Countries)

Warner said, "A lot of domain owners said parking is dead.  When I came back into the industry a year ago I would have agreed.  Now I would say that parking wasn’t dead it just needed a push to get out of the rut it was in. The DomainAdvertising designs are fantastic - the revenue is better." Still Warner allowed, "Domain Advertising won’t be the solution for every domain.  Properly managed around two thirds of the time we will be the best provider, but every domain needs to be managed on a case by case basis.”

Warner attributes a lot of the the system's success to human optimization applied to the domains accepted into their system. That approach has created one challenge for the company.  “We have been inundated with domain portfolios hoping to trial our system," Warner said. "We are managing those requests as priorities dictate while ensuring that the outcomes for each client are met successfully.  What we don’t want to do is take on so many requests that clients become dissatisfied with the speed that we can optimize their domains. Our level of optimization takes real work – it isn’t just a computer churning out results”

Warner is quick to credit ParkLogic for helping DA move the ball down the field. “ParkLogic did the hard yards with us," Warner said. "Through early development bugs, reporting glitches, and design flaws – they stuck with us to achieve the outcomes we have today.  For the work they have done with us they deserve a great deal of credit.”  

“What I liked about testing with ParkLogic is their innovative attitude," Warner added. "They worked with us to squeeze out more revenue from every domain. When we weren’t the best provider they gave us feedback to improve and made sure the clients still made the most revenue possible while we optimized.  The result was an extraordinary outcome for two thirds of the domains tested."

One other note to day. ICANN's 39th international meeting got underway Sunday in Cartagena, Colombia where it will continue through Friday (Dec. 10). One of the most interesting things that will come out of this meeting will be how ICANN decides to proceed with their plan to roll out an unlimited number of new gTLDs.  They are being whipsawed between competing interests with some adamantly opposed to the plan and others in favor of it. 

As Michael Berkens reported last week, one especially powerful voice - the U.S. Department of Commerce (the government entity that allows ICANN to function under a current agreement between the two bodies) has come out against going forward with a new gTLD rollout at this time. Will ICANN ignore the government and risk the consequences, or further delay what seems to have become a never ending process that no one seems to be happy with?

(Posted Dec. 6, 2010) 

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