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August 27, 2012

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The Frager Fracture: Freak Accident Confines Blogger to Bed But His Fingers Are Still Flying

Marketing maven Owen Frager has always known how to get attention. His provocative headlines  draw a steady flow of readers to his blog - The Frager Factor - so last Tuesday 

(Dec. 21) when I read a note he posted on Facebook saying that he was in the emergency room after getting run over by a pack of stampeding dogs, I didn't know what to think! Was this some kind of off-the-wall metaphor meant to attract more eyeballs or had Owen actually been mowed down by a band of marauding mutts? Unfortunately, it turned out to be the latter - Frager's fracture was no  figment of his immeasurable imagination.  

While taking one of his customary walks through a nearby dog park Frager said he stopped to check email on his phone. While his back was turned and his attention diverted to his messages, a pack of more than a dozen dogs running full speed ahead plowed into Frager from behind and sent him airborne. When he crash landed the concrete cracked a bone in his foot, sending him to the hospital where he wound up being fitted with a cast, a walker and an order to avoid driving for the next six weeks.  

Owen Frager

There could be some more bad news ahead. Doctors are determining whether or not it will take surgery to repair the damage. Frager expects to get a final verdict on that Wednesday. In the meantime he is laid up at home in bed but not completely incapacitated. In fact with a little more time of his hands than he would like, he is churning out articles at a furious pace. 

Frager is currently midway through a 20-part series called Domaining's Most Fascinating People. Each part is a profile of a domain investor or developer who has been especially proficient at combining their domain assets with masterful marketing. The latest installment published Sunday featured Bobbleheads.com owner Warren Royal. Scroll down to the bottom of that story and you will find hot links to the other profiles from the series that are now online (including Barbara Dillman Neu, Teen Domainer, Ryan Colby, Patrick Ruddell, Mike Sullivan & Fusible, Jeff Gabriel, Rob Grant and Rob Monster). You will also find a list of the ten people who will be profiled in the second half of the series. I'm sure that those who are enjoying his current prodigious output are thankful that Frager's foot absorbed the brunt of his unfortunate fall, leaving his fingers intact to soldier on.

Morgan Linton

There is another blog series - this one a two-parter published by Morgan Linton over the Christmas weekend - that I really enjoyed reading. It started Christmas Eve when Linton wrote about 22 Domainers That Changed My Life. After giving that topic some further thought, Linton followed up with a second part Sunday that featured 8 more capsule tributes to people who have helped him along the way. 

Like Morgan I have always been impressed by how helpful so many industry veterans are to new people who enter the business with a positive attitude and a sincere desire to learn. You won't find anyone with more positive energy than Morgan, so I am not surprised that he has been welcomed with open arms by so many others. In turn, he just as generously has passed along what he has learned to others who read his blog or watch the highly informative video interviews he has produced. 

After watching people come and go in this business for the past eight years, it is the ones who have qualities like Morgan's (and dozens of people he commented on) that have consistently risen to the top. Learning by example is a tried and true route to success and in his new articles Morgan has put the spotlight on a number of people that I think we could all do well to emulate. 

(Posted Dec. 27, 2010) 

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