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August 27, 2012

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Newspaper Giant Gannett Buying Thousands of iPhones & iPads to Help Reporters Record Video and Retool for the Web

I love my iPhone as much as anyone but even I never envisioned the do everything device might become a key piece of news gathering equipment for professional journalists. A story at TVNewsCheck.com says the Gannett Company, the newspaper giant that publishes USA 


Image: Andy Newson / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Today, as well as a number of local papers, is buying thousands of iPhones and iPads to distribute to their staff members. The story cites a leaked memo from Gannett’s U.S. newspaper division president, Bob Dickey, saying the move is being made to “meet the demands of the new news cycle, one that requires agility in real-time reporting, social media and greater emphasis on video storytelling, further increasing our competitive advantage.”

With newspapers continuing to lose  readers to the Internet, it is not surprising that Gannett would pull out 

all of the stops to retool for a web audience. Dickey said, “Readers’ speedy adoption of new technology for news consumption creates new opportunities for us to uniquely serve them. To do so, we must ensure our journalists are equipped and trained on the tools to work in new ways."

Still, I can't get over the idea of the ubiquitous $200 iPhone and its big brother, the iPad, becoming a primary tool in electronic new gathering (ENG). Not because it's a bad idea, but because it is such a phenomenally cheap alternative to what preceded it. In the 17 years I spent as a TV reporter I worked with a cameraman who was equipped with an ENG camera that cost around $60,000 and weighed enough to buckle a man's back. Obviously iPhone video quality is still no match for professional video cameras, but the change in the way news is now being consumed (often on small mobile screens) has made cell phone video quality good enough for even media giants like Gannett (they ditch the cost of a dedicated cameraman too). 

The iPhones and iPads are to be delivered to Gannett newsrooms this month with "training" on the tools to follow soon after. Not sure how much training this requires. If you know how to hit the on button you are pretty much good to go! 

One other note today - in case you missed it during your New Year's revelry, our latest Cover Story came out this past weekend. It is a profile of 40-year-old lead gen whiiz Braden Pollock, a serial entrepreneur from Los Angeles who may be about to change the domain monetization business in a big way. 

Pollock has built a lead gen platform for his thousands of legal domains that is allowing him to rake in far bigger payouts than PPC offers. He is now working on applying that technology to many other verticals. If he is successful, domain owners may finally see the parking alternative they have craved - a solution that that could end their dependence on Google, the search engine giant that currently has a stranglehold on monetization - a monopoly that has saddled frustrated domain owners with extremely meager payouts in recent years. 

You can get a detailed introduction to Braden and details on what he is doing here: Braden Pollock: Could the Lead Gen Whiz Be the Domain Monetization Messiah People Have Been Looking For?

Braden Pollock
Founder, Legal Brand Marketing, LLC

(Posted Jan. 3, 2012)

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