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August 27, 2012

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Chef Patrick Beams Out of ScienceFiction.com - Braden Pollock Takes Over the Bridge

Patrick Ruddell (AKA Chef Patrick), made a big splash with the DNCruise conference he launched in October 2010, but he didn't reach warp speed until two months later when he led a small investment group that bought ScienceFiction.com for $175,000 and immediately set

about developing that category defining domain. As the project progressed some early investors sold out and a major new one, Braden Pollock (who was profiled in our November 2011 Cover Story), bought in. The shuffle ended with Ruddell and Pollock as 50/50 partners in ScienceFiction.com, LLC.

As of today you will no longer find Ruddell on the bridge of the starship ScienceFiction.com. Ruddell has sold all of his shares (at an undisclosed price) to Pollock, leaving the lead gen whiz from Los Angeles as the sole owner of the popular website.  Monday (July 30) was the last day on the job for Patrick and his wife Zezura, who also played a major role in building the site. 

Ruddell, who recently re-entered the real estate business in Florida's Tampa Bay area (joined by Zezura, who recently got her own real estate license) told us, "It came down to the time commitment needed for this project. When I initially started ScienceFiction.com, one of my partners was tasked to handle the roll of Editor In Chief. Unfortunately, things did not work as planned, which meant my wife Zezura and I had to adapt and take over this responsibility in addition to running the business and other ventures."

"On a daily basis our editing duties included selecting content, managing 15+ writers, editing, scheduling, social media and more. News never stops, we would work/edit when the kids get home from school, in the middle of dinner, holidays, birthdays, what seemed like all the time. It is very difficult to have any family life and run a project like this. To be successful in anything I truly believe there needs to be a fair work-life balance."

Their efforts paid off with traffic to ScienceFiction.com now surpassing a half million visitors a month. Pollock intends to move the site into an even higher orbit. "We're already adding lots of content every day but I plan on increasing the number of articles added daily to test the effect it has on traffic. I'd also like to add original interviews with sci-fi actors, writers, game designers, etc.," Pollock said.

Patrick Rudell


Braden Pollock
Sole owner, ScienceFiction.com

"Going forward there will be a major focus on movies, since that's where the biggest advertising budgets are. We're discussing the idea of some major content partnerships as well. Beyond that, my team will start selling advertising space on ScienceFiction.com," Pollock added. 

Though Ruddell has beamed out of ScienceFiction.com he still plans to stay involved in domain investing and development. "Definitely!," Ruddell said. "I launched my first website about college professors in 1999, so this is not my first and certainly not my last web business. I do have a few ideas and projects in mind, and after a short break we will consider what to launch next. No matter what it is, it will never be a news website on the scale of ScienceFiction.com though. And who knows, maybe with the extra free time we can think about a DNCruise 3!"

Braden Pollock and his fiancée, best selling author 
Lisa Bloom, on DNCruise 2 in September 2011. 

Braden Pollock also has far flung business interests including his flagship operation at  LegalBrandMarketing.com.  When asked how he was going to be able to juggle the time demands  of running ScienceFiction.com along with his other business ventures and obligations Pollock told us,  "Patrick and Ze have already built a team of about 15 writers, including an assistant editor and web designer. My team will take over steering the ship along with ad sales. I've got a great lady on staff, Alessandra Ferrara, who's a self proclaimed sci-fi geek and avid gamer. I offered her the opportunity to take over as editor and she jumped at the chance. She's very excited to  get started. As for me, I  

don't do the heavy lifting anymore. I have a great team that can take care of our various businesses. As a matter of fact, I'm currently writing you from a cafe in the quaint little seaside town of Husavik, Iceland!"

Ruddell said he is leaving ScienceFiction.com with a sense of pride and a great deal of valuable experience that will help him going forward. "ScienceFiction.com has grown to over 500,000 visits per month, been linked to by websites such as CNN.com, HuffingtonPost.com and TechCrunch.com, featured in comic books and quoted on numerous other publications. The experience as a whole was great because, thankfully, we had an amazing staff. We learned a lot from our writers, they took pride in the site and shared in our accomplishments. This has been an amazing journey developing a web property of this size. We leave this project in good hands with Braden and his team."

Patrick & Zezura Ruddell

(Posted July 31, 2012) 

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