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January 30, 2013

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Free Revenue Producing Domains, One Year of Parking Revenue Paid in Advance - For Real? 

Yes, for real. Welcome to the new world of parking company promotion! Despite an overall decline in PPC revenues in recent years, the parking space appears to be more competitive than ever. Players determined to stand out from the crowd are pulling out all the stops in an effort to get domain owners to check out their systems first hand. 

In what is probably the most ambitious promotion I've seen to date, Above.com, in association with two new but rapidly rising PPC companies, RookMedia and ParkingCrew, is giving away 4,000 domains divided into 400 revenue producing portfolios of 10 names each in a campaign called Above & Beyond. It will officially launch at next week's Webfest Global conference in Santa Monica, California, going live on the show's opening day, Tuesday, February 5.

Attendees will each get a scratch off coupon card with a code number that will determine

which portfolio is assigned to a new free account they will open at Above.com. As soon as they log in they will see the ten domain names randomly assigned to them. To let me see how it works for myself, Above.com's Director of Domain Services, Victor Pitts, gave me one of the promo 

codes in advance. I opened the account and sure enough, there were 10 domains that collectively had earned over $20 over the previous 30 days via RookMedia or ParkingCrew. If that rate holds up for the rest of the year - that would be a $240 gift for simply checking out the service (I agreed to test the system with the stipulation that Above.com will auction off the portfolio I received with all of the proceeds going to Jodi Chamberlain's current campaign to raise $50,000 for The Water School by having her head shaved at the Domaining Spain conference coming up in April 2013). 

Here is a screen shot from my test portfolio showing you my domain statistics and the other platform features that are available from the neatly organized control panel.

Pitts said some of the free accounts that will be given away could earn into four figures annually. Exactly what you end up with will depend on luck of the draw, but you certainly have nothing to lose and, judging from the ones  I ended up with above, something to gain as all of the domains have traffic and many are producing revenue.

Above.com President David Warmuz said a lot of work went into getting the results they expect new account holders to see. "Testing multiple revenue sources is hard work, time consuming and comes with a lot of risk and most often at a loss of revenues," Warmuz noted. "Because of this, quality parking companies find it hard to get new customers to give them a chance directly. Above.com removes the hard work and risk, and we know that testing with multiple parking companies works to increase revenue. That is why we are giving away these revenue domains along with pre-configured Rook Media and ParkingCrew parking accounts for customers to give us and our promotional partners a try so they can see for themselves how much of a difference we can make to your domain portfolios."

Warmuz added, "Many parking companies claim to be the best, but without closely monitored testing, domains may not be parked at the provider that performs best for that domain. 

David Warmuz
Above.com President

Above.com’s Domain Parking Manager with its proprietary algorithm automatically identifies the best performing service for each domain, using normalized statistical information. Traffic is then dynamically allocated to maximize the parking revenues earned."

Ash Rahimi
Co-founder & CEO, RookMedia

In addition to participating in the Above & Beyond promotion, RookMedia is running another eye catching offer of their own - a CashAdvance program that allows eligible clients to receive up to 12 months worth of commissions on qualifying domains paid in advance. The program is aimed at providing domain investors with the needed capital to continue growing their portfolios and provides  an alternative for those seeking financing through traditional lending institutions.  

Ash Rahimi, co-founder and CEO of Rook Media GmbH, said “As most domain investors know, using domains to collateralize a loan is tough to say the least. Most banks simply do not recognize what tremendous assets domains truly are.  We understand this because like our clients, we’re domainers ourselves.” Rahimi said Rook associates will be speaking to interested parties in person at next week’s Webfest Global conference, so if you will be in Santa Monica and are interested in more details, you can get them face to face there. 

If you won't be at Webfest you can still get more information on the program from RookMedia's Director of Business Developement, Joe Higgins, by phone at 310-569-3603 or email Joe at RookMedia.net.

(Posted January 30, 2013)

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