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June 10, 2014

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Facebook Provides a Perfect Example of Why Domains Are More Important to Businesses Than Social Media

Ever since social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter became the hot spots to gather online, businesses have fallen all over themselves to build a presence on those platforms. Some - foolishly - have even made their Facebook presence their only online presence. Domain savvy people have been warning them every step of the way that allowing someone else to control their content was a recipe for disaster. Now we are seeing that prophecy being fulfilled in spades.

I always put our website first and foremost (and have advised business owners to do the same). In fact, I only got around to setting up a dedicated Facebook page for DN Journal last month. Right around the time we put the page up I started seeing stories everywhere, including this one in Time Magazine, detailing how Facebook is no longer letting the vast majority of people who Like and want to follow a company's posts see them - unless you pay Facebook for letting your own followers view the content you produce. Time said that by February 2014 an average of only 6% of a company's followers were seeing the company's posts - and it is going to get worse. Facebook reportedly wants to cut that to 1-2%. So, 98% of your followers will never see what you post (unless you pay up). You want to talk about traffic bleed!?

When you compare that to the 100%  who can see your content when you place it on a website built on your own domain name, it's not hard to see who you are better off having in charge of your business indentity - that would be you.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not mad at Facebook - they're in business just like you and I are - they need to make a profit and they can do whatever they want on their website. Don't you think you would be wise to have the same degree of control over what you create by having a website of your own built on a relevant domain name?

For a long time I've heard peole predict that social media would eventually kill domains.

Do you want a third party standing between you and people who want your product or service? Then you had better have your own domain/website and make it the primary repository of what you create.

Security guard image from Bigstock

Now that we are clearly seeing what you give up by not having control of your own content and your own site,  domains should come out of that comparison stronger than ever - in fact I would say its a no brainer.

(Posted April 25, 2014) 

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