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November 13, 2015

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Portfolio of 5-Digit Domains Sells for $1 Million - Chinese Domaining Masterclass Back in Session - Southern California Domainers Set to Meet Again Saturday

We continue to see some extraordinary transactions in one of the most fascinating years in the history of domain aftermarket sales. Whenever trends develop there are a lot of impressive individual sales to point in whatever sector happens to be hot at the time. However, this time  time around we are seeing large portfolios of domains in popular categories like short domains (2-4 characters) and numeric  domains (that can command respectable money even when they stretch beyond four characters).

A prime example of that came Thursday when  DomainPros.com announced they had purchased a portfolio o0f 260 five-digit numeric domains for $1,000,000 - an average of $3,846 per domain (21889.com and 36689.com are examples of the kinds of names that were included in the buy). DomainPros CEO Sai Pola said the deal, brokered by 62.com and transacted through Escrow.com, included a large number of domains that were once part of a giant numeric portfolio owned by Marchex

Pola noted, "Over the past few years, numeric domain names have experienced consistent growth due to unprecedented demand from China. Chinese investors are looking to diversify their wealth by also investing in foreign assets, with domain names proving to be among their favorites. While the price of assets such as gold and silver, assets traditionally sought after by Asian investors in general and Chinese investors in particular, has stagnated, digital assets have taken off. "

Pola added. "Investors tend to prefer digital assets as a store of value over precious metals due to their increased portability.  Therefore,

DomainPros.com CEO Sai Pola

a generational shift is taking place. Traditionally dominant asset classes such as precious metals are losing their luster, paving the way for the digital asset dominance we are starting to experience in the present. "

Speaking of the booming Chinese domain market, TLDRegistry has just released the latest blog post in their popular Chinese Domaining Masterclass series. The new article explores the significance of the number 9

The article notes, "The number nine in Chinese culture is said to symbolize limitations, however that does not necessarily give it a negative meaning. Contrarily, the number nine represents the farthest possible reach of mortal effort. It’s the largest possible single-digit number, which actually represents power and prestige. In Chinese ancient culture, a king would be referred to as “the noble body of 9 & 5.”  At the same time, Chinese people in the past would regard odd numbers within 10 as Yang (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) and regard even numbers within 

10 as Yin (2, 4, 6, 8). This means that the number nine is the biggest number for Yang, making it a very important number for Chinese people." 

One other note today - one of the world's most active local domain investor's groups - Southern California Domainers (SCD) - will hold their November meeting Saturday (November 14) at 4pm. The get together is being sponsored by 101Domain.com who will host the event at their offices. SCD organizer Jason Thompson said, "I'm excited about this meetup as it will be one of our first events held within the San Diego region. Our main speakers for November's meetup will be Joe Alagna (VP of Channel Development at 101Domain.com) and Renee Zau (Co-Founder & CEO at DonationMatch.com and 

101Domain.com is sponsoring the SCD meeting Saturday and their VP, Joe Alagna, will be one of the featured speakers. 

SamplingforGood.com). After our meetup we will head to one of the many local breweries. 101Domain.com has been nice enough to sponsor these festivities as well."

(Posted November 13, 2015)   

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