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SAV.com Launches New Drop Catching Service With No Backorder Fees

A few months ago I told you about a new domain marketplace that marked registrar SAV.com's entry into the aftermarket sales game. Now the company, founded by industry veteran Anthos Chrysanthou, is expanding into the drop catching business of reeling in potentially valuable expired domain names for customers the instant they are returned to the available pool. 

Every aspect of the domain industry is highly competitive so Chrysanthou has had to take a different tack to stake out a territory of SAV's own. With the registration service, the marketplace and now the drop catching service, he has done that by slicing prices to the bone. He actually went even further with the new drop catching service, eliminating fees entirely. A customer can backorder as many domains as they want with no backorder fee. If SAV is successful in catching the domain, and no one else has back ordered the same name, you only pay the normal one-year registration fee to activate the domain. If multiple users submitted backorder requests for the same name, SAV starts a 10-day auction, open to anyone, with auctions having a starting bid of $6.95 for .coms. 

Chrysanthou said this move is aimed at attracting more of the entrepreneurs and SMBs that SAV 

Anthos Chrysanthou
Founder & CEO, SAV.com  

focuses on. "By eliminating backorder fees, we are removing one of three causes of friction that entrepreneurs and SMBs experience when it comes to launching an online presence," Chrysanthou noted. " In this instance, that friction is related to the fees associated with submitting and fulfilling backorders for domains on their short list.  While backorder fees may not be huge when compared to the branding and marketing value of desired domains, entrepreneurs and SMBs think of backorder fees as an unpleasant, even unfair cost."

Anthos added, "We have another reason for attracting creators to Sav.com with zero backorder fees and among the lowest registration and renewal fees.  We want them to keep coming back and exploring domain buy-now and auction options in our domain marketplace.  I encourage domain investors to give Sav.comís registrar and marketplace a test drive to see just how much extra cash we will put into their pocket."

(Posted October 26, 2020)


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