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LDNS Rebrands as Domain Summit After Acquiring DomainSummit.com Domain from Mike Mann

When founder Helmuts Meskonis staged his 2nd annual London Domain Name Summit (LDNS) in August, he didn't know that would be his last event under that name. The conference, that has been using the Summit.London domain name, wound up drawing people from not just London, the UK and Europe, but both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. That prompted Helmuts to start thinking more seriously about a rebrand that would accurately describe the global reach of his show. It was an idea that had been on the back burner but turned into a boiling pot when he went to the ICANN meeting in Hamburg, Germany a couple of weeks ago. 

That trip set off a chain of events that led to Helmuts acquiring the DomainSummit.com domain from industry pioneer Mike Mann for $17,500. With the domain in hand, Meskonis just announced that LDNS has officially been renamed Domain Summit and will run under that flag when the conference returns to London August 19-21, 2024.

To find out how this all came about so quickly I got in touch with Helmuts this morning and caught him while he was still in Dubai after attending last week's inaugural Domain Days conference there. Meskonis will be flying home to London tomorrow and being up in the clouds this week seems apropos for him because he has been over the moon since acquiring the new domain.

"I went to ICANN78 in Hamburg after the 2nd London Domain Summit in order to network and promote next year's conference," Helmuts began. "I discovered that some larger organizations associated the Summit with being a UK specific event. I found that many of our current exhibitors had the same view. While they were polite about my use of a  .London domain, they suggested I should move to a .com name."


Helmuts Meskonis

"I had been following the domain name DomainSummit.com for awhile and learned that it was owned by DomainMarket.com Founder Mike Mann. At first I asked some friends if they could connect us but I may not have asked enough people because none could. I didn't want a lot of others to know anyhow as  that can attract the interest of brokers and push the price of a domain name to unreachable heights."

"So, I contacted Mike directly and tried to be as transparent as possible. We cordially negotiated and soon reached an agreement at $17,500. Even though every dollar counts for me, I didn't want to push Mike as low as possible, especially as I respect him as a domain name investor and didn't want to waste his time. I have bought several premium domain names in the $15,000 to $50,000 range in the past and can tell you that Mike Mann probably left the most polite and professional impression on me of anyone I have dealt with - and his sales landing page is close to perfect!"

Mike Mann

Andrey Insarov
Founder & CEO
Intis Telecom & it.com

Helmuts also thanked the it.com domain registry for helping make the DomainSummit.com purchase possible through their support of two domain forums, DNForum.com and UK-based Acorn Domains, that Meskonis bought earlier this year to promote the London conference. "it.com paid upfront for Platinum memberships at both forums," Helmuts said. "it.com Founder & CEO Andrey Insarov knew that I was interested in DomainSummit.com and probably gave me the biggest push in that direction. True friends will come out of their comfort zone and, at the risk of offending, try to help a friend by applying moderate pressure so that he or she makes the right business decisions. I am lucky to have such a friend and hope that it.com Domains gains much more from their friendship with me as well."

The newly named Domain Summit will be transitioning from their previous domain to the new one in the days ahead and Helmuts couldn't be more excited, declaring "It is time for London Domain Summit to go global!"

(Posted November 6, 2023)  


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