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August 27, 2012

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You thought TLD meant Top Level Domain? Well not on this page! This is DNJournal's version of TLD - The Lowdown -  filling you in on the latest buzz going around the domain name industry!


The organizers of the popular T.R.A.F.F.I.C. domain conference have added a third show to their 2006 calendar. It will be held in California's Silicon Valley Jan. 30-Feb. 1 at the Marriott in Santa Clara (4 miles from the San Jose airport). Meanwhile T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West in Las Vegas is slated for May 2-5, 2006 and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East is currently penciled in for October 2006 at a site to be named on Miami Beach...The most extensive mainstream press article ever written on the domain business appears in the December 2005 issue of Business 2.0 magazine. Writer Paul Sloan spent several months researching the piece and interviewing successful domainers for his inside look at the industry. It's a fascinating read that is sure to generate more interest in domains among Internet investors... Country code domains have really been coming on strong in the resale market this year. That boom in the aftermarket is also having a positive impact on new registrations. There were over 108,000 .co.uk registrations in October 2005, the biggest month for the United Kingdom's extension since July 2000...DNJournal.com has just introduced a sister publication designed specifically for newcomers to the domain business at NameNewbie.com. The site offers details on how to get started in this rapidly growing industry with advice covering choosing, buying and selling domains, monetizing names and networking to jump start your new business.Spain's .es country code had always been heavily restricted but that changed November 8 when the extension became available for open registration anywhere in the world with no residency requirements. Xavier Buck, the General Manager of one of Europe's top registrars, EuroDNS.com, told us less than 100,000 .es domains have been registered, so many thousands of high quality keywords are available... Sedo.com hosted a special one-day domain event on November 9th in central London. The aim was to get as many domainers together as possible for a day of information exchange and discussion focusing on the UK domain market. Guests had the opportunity to meet the Sedo team and event sponsors, discuss partnership and integration opportunities and meet many of the UK's leading domain portfolio owners and domain-associated businesses...One of the world's largest Spanish language domain networks, ClickDiario.com and over 30 related vertical websites, has been sold to Japan's LiveDoor Co. Ltd. LiveDoor picks up 45 million unique visitors a month from the acquisition. ClickDiario Network CEO Matias de Tezanos said “our client base will benefit from Livedoor’s integrated offerings, international reach and financial strength. We look forward to becoming part of the Livedoor team... A new website that compares prices for domain name registration and related services has opened at Midano.com. The site also lists free service providers in several categories and will feature interviews with industry leaders like Encirca.com Founder and President Tom Barrett who is the first to be spotlighted there... Those who have been playing the drop game for some time will remember DropWizard.com. The company exited the crowded drop-catching space last year and is now selling off about 500 .com, .net and .org domains, plus about 300 .ca names (Canadian country code) that they had caught for their own portfolio between 2000-2003. Instructions for getting their sale list of one-word and high quality two-word domains can be found in a thread at the DomainState forum... SnapNames.com has added another powerhouse partner to their popular expiring domains acquisition service. Register.com is now on board so any domains with that registrar that go unrenewed can be acquired exclusively through SnapNames by placing a back order and winning the subsequent auction there (if only one person places a back order they get the domain for $60). SnapNames has had a similar arrangement with Network Solutions for some time. Having partnerships with both of these long-time registrars gives SnapNames access to many of top domain drops... Many people in the domain industry are lending a hand to victims of Hurrricane Katrina. BulkRegister.com, for example, is automatically renewing all domains set to expire through September 16, and those already expired, that are managed by BulkRegister members based in areas affected by the storm. The action is designed to assure those displaced by the hurricane that they will retain ownership of their domains, and that they will continue to function. BulkRegister’s members in areas hit by Katrina manage thousands of domains, many of which provide access to the web sites of important businesses. If such domains were to expire, the web sites associated with them would become inaccessible, resulting in lost business and the possible loss of the domain name itself...CentralNic, the London-based registry that offers a series of geo-specific domains (two-letters followed by .com) has lined up another important registrar to handle their product. DomainSite, a fast-growing ICANN-accredited domain name registar, has introduced the CentralNic offerings that include US.COM, EU.COM, UK.COM, CN.COM, RU.COM, DE.COM & twelve others that represent the world's most populated countries. "Our names open up the entire domain space again and they work within the existing Internet infrastructure," said Joe Alagna, CentralNic's North American Manager. "People all over the world want descriptive domain names that end in dot com, but most often they can't get what they want because the easiest (dot com) domains are taken. We not only give them a dot com domain, but we also give them a name that relates to their specific country or region. Our momentum over the past two years has been amazing"...In the biggest domain sale reported so far in 2005, Sedo.com has brokered the $750,000 purchase of Website.com. The price eclipses the $700,000 paid for Local.com in March...Register.com says it is the first company in the online service industry to receive J.D. Power and Associates’ prestigious Call Center Certification. In an era where many customer support functions are automated and getting a live person on the phone to assist you is increasingly rare, the Register.com call center handled more than 1.2 million telephone, e-mail, and fax inquiries in 2004. Seventy percent of calls (which are toll free) were answered in 50 seconds or less and 85 percent of issues were resolved during the first phone call. Prior to certification the call center facility had to pass a detailed J.D. Power audit  of the company's recruiting, training, employee incentives, management roles and responsibilities, and quality assurance capabilities. J.D. Power and Associates also conducted a random survey of Register.com customers who had recently contacted its call center. For certification status a call center must perform within the top 20 percent of customer service, based on Power's cross-industry customer satisfaction research.

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