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April 03, 2015

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Domain Business Moves Into the Fast Lane After T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Stop in Silicon Valley - Page 3  

eRealEstate.com and NeuLaw.com, sites owned by show organizers Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu, sponsored a final breakfast Thursday morning to make sure their guests went home with a full stomach. Not that anyone was starving after a week of wining and dining that would rival any cruise ship. Every aspect of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. experience is first class which keeps people coming back for more and generates the word of mouth recommendations that continue to swell the roster of registrants. 

Also during breakfast Thursday, the World Association of Domain Name Developers held a board of directors meeting. WADND stages the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. shows and the discussion included possible agendas and locations for upcoming conferences. Cities in the the Northeast corridor between Boston and Atlantic City (including New York) are now being looked at for a possible summer show. 


Howard Neu
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Co-Founder
 & Moderator Extraordinaire

A lot of people at Santa Clara had arrived in town a day or two before the conference started or stayed a day or two after. I'm seeing more and more of this as domainers tack extra time onto the official show schedule to meet in smaller groups before or after the main event. Richard Meyer flew in from Baltimore on Saturday so he could do some site seeing and then have dinner with Howard Hoffman of PPCIncome.com Sunday night before the show (Hoffman lives in Palo Alto, just minutes from the Santa Clara Marriott).

I experimented with this a bit myself by scheduling a late flight home Thursday. That gave me time to hang out in the lobby and chat with other show goers who were checking out late. I'm glad I did that. It gave me a chance to talk with some people I missed during the show, including Angie Barrow and David Brayshaw from the U.K. who are building out an ambitious village network involving thousands of .co.uk domains. 

I also bumped into old friend Roger Collins (Afternic President) and new acquaintence Freddy Schiwek, VP of International Business Development for EuroDNS.com. We wound up heading off to lunch together where we had a great time catching up on what was happening in our respective business and personal lives. Next time I may pencil in more of this "spare time" before or after the show. As others figured out before me, it is time very well spent.

In fact, from the time I stepped off the plane at the San Jose airport (4 miles from the Marriott) to the time I got back on board to go home, I would be hard pressed to identify even a few minutes (aside from very limited sleep time) that was not well spent at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.  I'm ready to go again and fortunately the wait won't be long with Las Vegas less than three months away. Hope to see you there!

Roger Collins
President, Afternic.com

Photo Gallery

Here are some random extra photos from Silicon Valley we thought you might enjoy. To those of you who were hiding, we will get you next time! To those who want their pictures removed we can discuss that (standard fees will apply of course).

Moniker CEO Monte Cahn: the James Brown of the domain business. JB was known as the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. Monte is the domain world's version. Richard Meyer of Baltimore's Dotcom Group LLC enjoyed his first T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference (and thanks for picking me up at the airport!)

Mark Van Dyke of Army.com

Markus Schnermann of KeywordDomains.com came all the way from Germany.

Larry Fischer of SmartName.com. Has a great portfolio and is an even greater guy. Matthew Prince made the long journey from Australia.

.Info fan Dale Porter of TheNameStore.com drove up from San Diego after Howard Hoffman  promised to pay for his gas if he went around promoting Hoffman's bottled water company, HioSilver.

Page Howe of SiteHQ.com

Keith Levenson of Acme Media. That's domain pioneer Roy Messer in the bottom right corner.

Rob Moritz of CitiesUnlimited.com

How do these guys always manage to look so....well....Fabulous!
Left to right: Andrew Wright, Dan Warner, Michael Robertson (all Fabulous.com)

Steve Sturgeon of DomainNameLawyers.com chats with Fred Duca of Automobiles.com

Dan Warner takes a shine to Rick Schwartz, but I don't think that's the kind of shine the Domain King had in mind! (Photo courtesy of Barbara Neu, who along with Alina Schwartz again won kudos for making everyone feel at home).

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