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September 12, 2012

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Latest news of the domain name industry - The Next Big Thing in Domain Monetization?: New Companies Are  Making the Dream of Affordable Mass Development a Reality

By Ron Jackson 

While New York based Mike Cohen just opened his mass site development service a few months ago, he is no newcomer to building websites. "I got involved seriously with web development in 2002," Cohen told us. "It first was more of a hobby in the early years but then I figured that I was onto something as the checks coming in were of substantial amounts and they were paying all of my bills and other e-ventures too."

"So I put most of my focus and resources behind building websites about subjects I was familiar with on which I could cash in on back in 2002. Shortly there after I began mass developing web sites on a larger scale exclusively 

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on generic keyword domains so that I could pull in as much targeted organic search engine traffic as possible from the top search engines; Google, Yahoo and MSN."

"I had been fascinated by the whole idea of search engine optimization (SEO) since the early days of the web," Cohen added. "SEO is actually natural e-branding or in other words internet marketing via the search engines. Thanks to  proper domain mass development I could easily launch 100 websites for example in any given niche which I wanted to dominate and control and a few month’s down the road I would have all this free traffic coming in to my websites and my only job from there on would be to monetize it which is the easy part of the whole operation."

"Not all websites would take off  but of course with having 100 of them, a lot of them did blossom sooner rather than later as it was done lottery style. The more websites you would launch, the better your chances would be at getting more traffic and a lot more winners vs. having just one or two websites as most people and companies do. Having a lot more optimized websites setup and with the proper SEO gave me the competitive edge and put me way ahead of everybody else each and every time."

"So naturally in 2008 when I saw the demand for domain mass development within the domain community of course I saw an opportunity to provide my mass development services to others who are interested in taking the next step forward beyond parking," Cohen said. Our complete interview with the founder of continues below.

DN Journal: Let's start by getting some specific details about your program – how you attack the problem of developing a large number of sites at an affordable cost. 

Mike Cohen: We have a unique approach to mass developing large portfolios of domain names. We exclusively build on-topic domain networks. We break them down into groups. It can be finance, travel, hobbies, etc. All domains must be related one to another, in other words compliment one another. We spend about 50% of the time on putting together relevant content to match up with the whole theme of the network and the remaining 50% is spent on the search engine optimization end.  

Our “quick start-up” domain development service is priced at $999 per group of 10 domain names and includes:  

  • Dedicated project manager to oversee all aspects of web design and development with guaranteed turnaround time of 7 days or less. 

  • All design, research and copywriting is done by professionals with years of experience; in house by USA based talent.


  • Each website’s content features up to 10 pages of on-topic text, images, videos, and more. 

  • All content on websites contains specific custom written information and relevant images which are licensed exclusively to the client and never re-used elsewhere.

Orders of 20-49 domains get a 10% discount. Orders of 50-99 domains get a 20% discount. Orders of 100-199 domains get a 25% discount. Larger projects consisting of hundreds or thousands of domains qualify for a deeper discount and better deal overall.  

There is no content management system available but all of the websites we setup are static CSS  based pages which can be edited and further customized easily within minutes with a standard web based html editor and/or web design software such as Dreamweaver.  

The reason we do not setup our websites with a content management system or on a blog platform is because we do not recommend clients edit anything or make changes to the websites right away once we launch the websites for them. It is more of a “hardcored” way to make sure that our setup is effective long term. A few month’s need to go by before the websites need to be “updated” or modified and taken to the next level. Our start-up websites are setup in a very specific way and all clients must clearly understand that right from the start. The setup just reinforces this principles. 

DN Journal: The #1 question on domain owner’s minds will be, will this service make more money for me than parking the same domains? Since this is a new category, with many of the service providers having been open less than a year, there is not yet a long track record for comparing results, but based on what you currently know, how do you answer this question from your customers? 

Mike Cohen: We only develop domain names that make sense developing. Before taking on any development project and charging anybody anything, we provide a free and no hassle consultation to all clients who express their interest in our domain mass development services. We analyze a client's domain portfolio, do market research, etc. and make a recommendation from there on how to proceed and what the options are. We lay out all options on the table and provide a master plan as far as development goes both short term and long term.  

Domains such as or arent the best candidates for development period, or domains such as (the three domains are only examples) We only take on domain development of targeted and industry specific domain names that usually consist of 1-2-3 keywords in the com/net/org gTLD extensions or ccTLD specific extensions such as, .asia, etc.  Domain names that are made up/brandable or in other words just sound good/cool are not a good fit for our service and do not qualify.  

The development of domain names allows for more control of pretty much everything vs. traditional domain name parking. There is a lot of money to be made if a domain name is developed properly with relevant and compelling on-topic content which can interest the visitors and search engines. You always want to create a win-win situation for all. You have to cover all the bases with proper web development.  

The biggest thing we focus on is to try to increase the traffic organically over time with extensive SEO on each and every page as well as content and ad optimization. 

We try to create a clean and user friendly experience from start to finish by analyzing all of the variables that come into play when dealing with whatever markets from each and every angle. Users appreciate this as do the search engines. If you build something of quality, you really don’t have to try too hard to push forward with aggressive advertising techniques or any other tricks and gimmicks. Visitors can self-serve themselves using the

search function we setup on websites or click on one of the provided ads. Sometimes you can only do so much. We keep things simple and stick to the basics. It gets the job done

DN Journal: Many developers say there are additional benefits, beyond immediate monetization, to moving beyond the parking page. For example, more “curb appeal” for potential buyers, less likelihood of inadvertent trademark infringement (from ads served by the PPC company), etc. What do you see as the added benefits of following at least a minimal development strategy? 

Mike Cohen: Domain development is all about taking control of your business. The domains are different branches of your business. The visitors to your domains are all your clients. Even the most minimal development deployed may turn out to be a big success because you will be able to tap into some organic search engine traffic inventory which is the single biggest factor that drives domain development on the web today. 

Once you build a website with relevant and useful information, the search engines begin to like you. With a parking setup, the search engines certainly don’t like you and don’t want to even know you. They don’t want to be your friend or play nice. Once you ditch the parking setup and have a developed website, the search engines may just become your best friend. If you setup a website with the proper SEO and content, slowly but surely the search engines will grow on you. Of course not over night but they definitely will. It is just a matter of time.  

With every successful business online, there has to be organic growth. SEO cannot be ignored by anyone and it has to be taken seriously if you want to expand your reach via the most popular internet properties which are search engines. With the investment and deployment of multiple mass developed domain names that are optimized properly for the search engines, there can be a whole lot of opportunities instantly created and with it you will be able to tap into a traffic supply that with a parking domain setup you simply cannot touch. 

DN Journal: Parking is a well established industry with many major players. Your service category is the new kid on the block. How do you see the equilibrium between these two sectors (parking and mini-site development) changing over the next couple of years – do they both hold their own, does the balance of power shift, etc?

Mike Cohen: Domain parking has been around for many years now as we all know, unfortunately it has seen it’s better days if you look at the current situation and from what has transpired. I just don’t think that it is a consistent enough monetization solution in 2009 or a reliable one for the future that you can count on. It’s definitely downhill from here on compared to where we were in the better years, around 2005, 2006 and 2007.  

DN Journal: The mass development sector is growing at a remarkable clip, despite the fact it has just come out of the gate. With so many options for domain owners to choose from now, why should they give a try?

Mike Cohen: Our team is made up of internet marketing professionals and domain industry insiders. Each and every one of our staff members has extensive knowledge when it comes to understanding type in traffic, advanced optimization and everything there is to know about web development.

We offer the most comprehensive and advanced domain mass development and search engine optimization solutions available today. We are metrics driven marketing specialists obsessive about domains and everything that has to do with them. We understand the web development business inside out. We have been involved with mass development of domain names heavily for more than five years now and have launched 10,000’s of successful websites.

We are in constant assessment mode and take action right away if performance is not up to par. All of our internal processes are custom developed and deployed in-house. Our strategies and techniques are tested time after time over and over again for maximum effectiveness and then specially selected and systematically implemented precisely to create maximum revenue opportunities en masse for each client accordingly.  We understand that the domain industry is driven by innovation and we are always looking to bring intelligent new ideas to the evolving market.  

Our staff is easily accessible and happy to assist clients in any way we can. We have a team of people that you can trust and technology you can depend on. We believe in honesty and one of our company policies is that we will only take your business if we know for sure that we can deliver an unparalleled level of service. We will not waste your time. Never!  

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