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January 07, 2016

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2015 Domain Sales Season Ends With a Bang - Trio of 6-Figure Sales Totaling Over $1 Million Led the Way 

The offices of some of our key data suppliers were closed for the holiday break last week so we decided to combine the final two weeks worth of 2015 domain sales into a single report this week. Once the numbers were tallied it was clear that 2015 ended on a high note

A trio of impressive six-figure sales led the way, including one that ranks among the year's four biggest sales. You may have seen a story at TheDomains.com in November noting that Rick Schwartz had sold 399.com at an undisclosed price. There was speculation that the name sold in the neighborhood of $820,000, probably because Rick had already booked two other 3-number .com sales at over $800,000 in recent months. We've learned that 820K was a pretty good guess, having confirmed the exact price was $821,818.88 - ranking it #4 on our final Top 100 chart for 2015. Rick also had the year's top sale with Porno.com at $8,888,888, as well as the 5th and 6th biggest in 989.com and 899.com, making it a phenomenal year for the Domain King.

Also scoring big this week was NameJet with #2 LTD.com at $184,000 and Donnied79 (the NamePros user ID the seller does business under) who sold USA.TV for $125,000 in the second biggest ccTLD sale of 2015 (only TV.se at $265,149 was higher). NameJet rounded out the first five with #4 Rochester.com at $91,111 and #5 NYS.com at $80,500. NameJet, who releases their sales monthly, had a huge December as you can see by all of positions they filled on our expanded all extension Top 40 Sales Chart (doubled from its usual size to accommodate two weeks worth of data).

By Ron Jackson

An ongoing trend that you will quickly spot on the chart is the continuing dominance of short .com domains. 22 of the 40 chart entries were 3-letter .coms including #8 KFZ.com at $72,500 via Key-Domains.com. Even so, short .nets managed to muscle in on the action too. Five 2-letter .nets made the Big Board with four of those landing on the upper half of the elite list. 

Webquest's $45,000 sale of #19 Ohio .org gave the non .com gTLDs a 6th chart entry. The ccTLDs were limited to one charted sale (USA.TV) -  however they had a lot of solid sales off the chart that we will be telling you about later in this report. Everything else went to the .coms who swept 33 of the 40 chart entries. 

Here is how the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016:

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Dec. 21, 2015 - Sun. Jan. 3, 2016
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect Jan. 6, 2016)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. 399.com $821,818.88 Schwartz
2. LTD.com $184,000 NameJet
3. USA.TV $125,000 Donnied79
4. Rochester.com $91,111 NameJet
5. NYS.com $80,500 NameJet
Macy.com $75,000 NameJet
Pindrop.com $75,000 Pvt Sale
8. KFZ.com $72,950 Key-Domains
9. JNB.com $67,111 NameJet
10. CML.com $62,501 NameJet
11. RZ.net $58,100 NameJet
12. AUD.com $55,600 NameJet
13. PF.net $51,720 NameJet
14.  RS.net $50,600 NameJet
15. 10023.com $50,000 Pvt Sale
16. ML.net $48,533 NameJet
17. 金沙.com (IDN)
(Chinese for "gold sand")
¥300,000 = $45,780 MDM Group/4.cn
18. 3731.com $45,200 NameJet
19. Ohio.org $45,000 WebQuest
20. 3928.com $44.090 NameJet

21. IXA.com $42,000 NameJet
22. SAU.com $41,200 NameJet
23. KC.net $39,088 NameJet
24.  Robe.com $37,000 NameJet
25. ZEV.com $36,000 NameJet
26. USK.com $35,645 NameJet
27. OUG.com $35,000 NameJet
28. DGE.com $34,600 NameJet
29. ZNA.com $34,353 NameJet
30. ZWA.com $33,300 NameJet
31. SJV.com $33,220 NameJet
32. MOQ.com $33,200 NameJet
33. WXU.com $31,111 NameJet
34.  5310.com $30,200 NameJet
35. EFJ.com $30,088 NameJet
36. VPW.com $29,288 NameJet
IOW.com $29,088 NameJet
OQL.com $29,088 NameJet
39. CJV.com $28,600 NameJet
40. 2360.com $27,577 NameJet

Keep in mind that these are the highest value cash only sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both. Our procedure for verifying the accuracy of domain sales reports is available here.

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There were 30 more five-figure sales off the chart with NameJet accounting for 18 of those, including the largest one, yet another 3-letter .com - MQI.com at $25,855. Benpao.com pitched in $25,700, XUO.com added $24,022 and 3248.com clicked for $21,220.

NameJet also sold DiveShop.com for $20,600 while Roper.com returned $19,100 and Mape.com made $16,000. RCCC.com corralled $14,999, 3614.com fetched $14,900 and AAYY.com attracted $13,100. MoveIn.com drew $12,700, eBrokerage.com banked $12,500 and Constipated.com captured $12,301. The hit parade continued with iSet.com ($12,299), Instat.com ($11,300), ZBJ.net ($11,190), MedicalDoctor.com ($11,100) and ADDD.com ($10,001)

Sedo sold a pair of ccTLDs - Need.me and Pay.kr - for $25,000 each. In addition Wash.in went for $15,000, Pay.vn produced $10,800 and Niuguanjia.com notched $10,000.

Elsewhere, S-C.com changed hands for $22,500 in a private transaction, Justin Havre moved ReginaRealEstate.ca for $21,000 and Park.io picked up $19,999 for FD.io. Also, Poppers.com posted $18,500 at SnapNames, TakTik.com tallied $17,000 at AlanAdlari.com, ArubaProperties.com changed hands for $15,000 through URLU.com and Guta.com sold HongKong.cc for $14,800

.Com Supporting Cast

Sedo led the .Com Supporting Cast of four-figure sales with HDJR.com at $9,999. CapitalGate.com added $8,800, Merpay.com provided $7,000 and two others - Metech.com and PerfectPortal.com - clicked for $6,000 each

CounterSketch.com drew $5,940 and SportsCon.com spawned $5,500. A half dozen others sold for $5,000 apiece. That group included B2L.com, Biocyte.com, LawyersBank.com, MakeMe.com, PayWorks.com and Phimmoi.com  

Sedo had 68 more four-figure sales ranging from $2,000 to $4,986 that are listed in the table below:

Additional Sedo .com Sales Between $2,000 - $4,800
linktour.com $4,968   hrcm.com $2,588
monpsy.com $4,860 editsupport.com $2,500
i51.com $4,200 energytalker.com $2,500
vogas.com $4,200 leadershiplabs.com $2,500
dubia.com $4,000 safemanuals.com $2,500
giantpanda.com $3,995 shipcenter.com $2,500
ivyvillage.com $3,989 zzazz.com $2,500
bkam.com $3,900 sigbrands.com $2,499
vilamouramarina.com $3,780 bewellatwork.com $2,495
lightkart.com $3,650 epithete.com $2,495
yourhomecare.com $3,588 legalclick.com $2,495
esgame.com $3,500 stsx.com $2,403
seyahi.com $3,500 ztbj.com $2,402