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September 06, 2018

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NameExperts and Sedo Divvy Up Four 6-Figure Domain Sales To Take the Top Spots on Our Latest Chart 

I'm back after two weeks away to cover a Hexonet industry event in Vancouver followed by a vacation cruise to Alaska so I have a lot of sales data to bring you up to date on this time out. This column will include all of the sales that have been reported to us since my last weekly report on August 15 - and there have been a lot of good ones.

NameExperts.com earned top billing on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart with their $190,000 sale of Hybrid.com (first reported by Elliot Silver at DomainInvesting.com). Veteran broker and NameExperts founder Joe Uddeme followed up with a list of several big sales he completed over the past 60 days, including another one more that landed in the top 10 on this week's leader board - #3 (tie) Radian.com at $125,000

Joe also told me about an even bigger deal totaling $500,000 for Rain.com at $450,000 and Rain.net at $50,000. However, those can't be charted yet as they are being paid for in installments (we don't chart domains until they have been fully paid for and transferred to new owners). I wrote about the Rain.com/Rain.net transaction in our Lowdown section earlier this week and even though the domains were under WhoIs privacy I learned from Theo Develegas at DomainGang.com that the buyer was a Seattle-based company called Rain Automatics that is upgrading from RainNet.com.

By Ron Jackson

Sedo rang up a couple of six-figure sales of their own - both of those coming from the ever popular 3-letter .com category. They sold #2 FXT.com for $150,000 and added $120,000 for #3 (tie) ILA.com. Sedo went onto pile up 10 chart entries overall, including two more in the top ten.

Speaking of six-figure sales,  George Kirikos has uncovered yet another one while examining SEC filings. This one is Buying.com, a name that a filing made by Buying.com LLC said they purchased for approximately $120,000. The word "approximately" keeps us from being able to chart it but the sale is no less notable, especially since the domain was sold for must less than that - $69,200 in 2015 (also pointed out by the eagle-eyed Kirikos).

NameJet, who released all of their August sales this week, filled out the first five on this week's chart with AMZ.com at $57,000. They put another 3-letter .com on the top half of the elite list - #9 DPN.com at $32,200 - one of four 3-letter .coms on the honor roll.

.Coms piled up 15 of the 20 chart entries and swept the first 10 spots in a row. Jason Morrow helped the .com cause by moving #8 EveryTeam.com for $35,000 in a deal handled by Escrow.domains. Jason also sold the matching EveryTeam Twitter handle for $1,500. The .coms also got a boost from a pair of names Curt Silbert sold through Afternic.com - #10 CommercialPainting.com at $30,000 and #16 RXBrands.com at $15,995.

The non .com gTLDs had three entries on the Big Board, led by a pair of .nets - #11 Wormholes.net at $28,600 via Sedo and #14 XR,net at $19,532 through NameJet. The third one was a new gTLD - #17 (tie) Token.xyz at $14,999 at Sedo.

That left two spots for ccTLDs. Netfleet.com.au sold #12 Advice.com.au for AUD 21,600 ($20,410) and DNameSales.co.uk moved #19 eTicket.co.uk for £10,000 ($12,900).

Here is how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the three weeks ending Sunday, September 2, 2018:

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Aug. 13, 2018 - Sun. Sept. 2, 2018
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect Sept. 6, 2018)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Hybrid.com $190,000 NameExperts
2. FXT.com $150,000 Sedo
ILA.com $125,000 Sedo
Radian.com $125,000 NameExperts
5. AMZ.com $57,000 NameJet