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August 15, 2019

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A ccTLD & a .Com That Was Quickly Flipped for a 400% Profit Top This Week's Sales Chart 

The ccTLDs have been having a good year and that trend continued this week with country code domains taking three of the first four spots on our latest weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart, including the chart topper, Shopping.uk, at €50,500 ($56,055). eCommerce services provider Red Brain Ltd. acquired that top tier British domain via DomainOrder.com. A three-letter .com filled the #2 slot but the ccTLDs came right back to take the next two places with a pair of .co sales made by GritBrokerage.com. They booked $39,500 for #3 Generate.co and another $27,500 for #4 Octane.co.

Sandwiched between those country code sales was a domain from the always in demand 3-letter .com category that has an interesting story of its own. Sedo sold #2 EXL.com for $50,000 - the kind of number you often see for names in that group. What makes this one unusual, is that the seller had picked up just four months ago, also on Sedo, for just $10,000! You won't find a lot of investments that can gave you a 400% return that quickly. 

FatCityProperties rounded out the first five with HomeKits.com at $26,000 and they had another chart entry with #20 Unpause.com at $9,995.

By Ron Jackson

Uniregistry entered the fray with #6 (tie) Wearly.com at $25,000 and went on tear from there. They piled up nine chart entries overall - all of them .coms - helping the world's most popular TLD sweep 17 of the 20 positions on the Big Board. That left no room for the non .com gTLDs who had another sub-par week with only eight sales reported for the entire category and none of those reaching five figures. 

I also want to tell you about a big 2018 sale that has just now come to light. Yinan Wang from DomainName.com let me know about a $350,000 sale of Navigator.com that he made last year. With that documentation now in hand, we have added Navigator.com to our 2018 Top 100 Domain Sales Chart where it landed in a tie for the #21 position.

Back to the business at hand, here's a look at how all of the sales leaders stacked for the week ending Sunday, August 11, 2019:

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

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1. Shopping.uk €50,500 = $56,055 DomainOrder