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January 15, 2020

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The First Six-Figure Sale of the New Year Leads This Week's Domain Sales Chart

Week two of the 2020 domain sales season produced the new year's first reported six-figure sale. It went to Shane Kinsch of NetraCorp LLC who sent Barri.com to the Barri Financial Group for an even $100,000. The buyer, who enlisted veteran broker Joe Uddeme of NameExperts.com to help them negotiate the deal, spent the money to  upgrade from their current domain, BarriGroup.com.

That sale helped the .coms sweep the first 13 entries on our latest weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart (and 16 of 20 places overall). The #2 spot went to Kiru.com, a domain that changed hands for $75,415 in a deal brokered by VPN.com. Meanwhile, three proved to be a lucky number for veteran domain investor Wendy Putnam who banked $33,333 for her sale of #3 SpaceElements.com. That sale came from a direct inquiry Wendy received via Godaddy. Sedo completed the first four with XOCO.com at $23,000 and they went on to pile up 11 chart entries overall. 

Three other venues helped power the .com onslaught. Michael Mann's DomainMarket.com moved #5 AscendMedical.com for $19,000, L2 Media sold #8 Ikhlas.com for $14,000 and Uniregistry rang up two others.

By Ron Jackson

The remaining four entries on the honor roll were split evenly between the ccTLDs and the Non .Com gTLDs. Sedo booked the two country code sales, the highest of which was #14 Fluent.io at $8,888. The non .com gTLDs were both .global domains sold by the .GLOBAL Registry.

Now that we have two full weeks worth of 2020 domain sales data in the books we have posted our first Year-to-Date Top Sales Charts of the new year. Throughout the year we will continually update our three YTD charts, one that covers all extensions, another than breaks out the top ccTLD sales, and a third that lets you follow the leaders in the Non .Com gTLD pack. 

Before we go to this week's charts, there is a BIG historical domain sale to tell you about. In a response to an unsuccessful (and ludicrous) UDRP filing aimed at stealing Lotto.com, the current owner of that enormously valuable domain revealed they paid $2.68 million to acquire in in 2017. That is the second biggest sale from that year that has come to light and we have added it to that position on the 2017 Top 100 Sales Chart in our Domain Sales Archive. As is so often the case, George Kirikos sent me the first tip on the revelation of that sale. A hat tip to George as well as  DomainInvesting,.com and DomainNameWire who both posted more details on this unwarranted UDRP filing. 

Now back to the immediate business as hand - here's how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, January 12, 2020:  

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

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1. Barri.com