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.Coms Return to Domain Sales Chart Dominance With Sweep of First 17 Spots on New Top 20

In our previous bi-weekly domain sales report non .com domains made their presence known with a .US domain in the #1 position and seven non .coms in the top 10 (on the way to taking 10 of 20 places overall). This time around the track, the .coms were back where they've traditionally been - in the driver's seat. Led by a solid $205,000 sale of CybersecurityJobs.com at Sedo (brokered by Senior Broker Dave Evanson who took his latest of many bows in Victory Lane), the .coms swept the first 17 positions on our latest all-extension Top 20 Sales Chart

The non .coms didn't get into the race until ccTLD leader Tipps.de crossed the finish line in the #18 spot with a $23,100 sale at Sedo. The first non .com gTLD sales followed with PP.org going for $21,000 and 5G.org for $20,000 to complete the leader board (Sedo put those two on the board as well).

All hands were on deck for the .coms this week with seven different contributors having a hand in the rout. Elad Nof posted the #2 sale, BestCrypto.com at $85,000, while NamePerfect.com filled the #3 hole with LOWD.com at $70,000. Braden Pollock at LegalBrandMarketing.com put another one in the top ten, banking $45,000 for #6 NextData.com and Christian Calvin followed suit with a $39,500 sale of #8 Metavirse.com via Afternic. SnapNames and NameJet.com kept the ball rolling as they put two sales apiece on the second half of the elite list.

Some of the biggest news to break over the past two weeks came from the discovery of the prices paid in some major sales from past years that were brought to light for the first time. When I say something like that, you know George Kirikos was almost certainly involved and indeed that was the case. The most recent (and largest) of those sales just happened in December. As George detailed on his FreeSpeech.com blog, a new annual report from Waitr Holdings revealed they paid $3,006,000 for ASAP.com and a handful of other domains of much lower value. Since we don't have the number for ASAP.com alone we can't chart it, but it is likely almost the entire sum went to that domain. Anything over $2.5 million would make ASAP.com one of the four biggest sales in 2021.

In an article James Iles wrote for DomainNameWire.com and additional information from George, the price paid for Mojo.com in a January 2021 sale was also nailed down at $1.25 million (that domain had previously been sold for $300,000 in 2013). With the new information we were able to add Mojo.com to the 2021 Top 100 Chart in our Domain Sales Archive where it now stands in a tie for #12. 








           By Ron Jackson

Our 2019 Top 100 Chart also got a new addition thanks to George discovering the price paid that year for Grove.com was $873,000. That gave Grove.com the #9 spot on the 2019 chart. George then turned up the power on his Wayback Machine for a trip to 2007 where he found a $120,000 sale of Roth com. When you mess with the past you could impact the present and that was the case here. Roth.com's move into a #85 (tie) on our 2007 Top 100 Chart, forced us to drop ten domains from the chart that had been sitting there tied for the 100th position for the past 15 years! That would be enough havoc to wreak in one weekend for most people but George had one more surprise to spring - a $35,000 sale of WasteChange.org he found from back in 2006. That one went into the #19 (tie) spot on our 2006 Non .Com gTLDs Top 100 Chart (2nd chart in the page linked to). I never thought we would see the day when the Archive was the busiest place in town, but here we are!

Now back to the present. Here is a look at how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, March 13, 2022:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Feb. 27 - Sun. March 13, 2022
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect March 16, 2022)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. CybersecurityJobs.com $205,000 Sedo
2. BestCrypto.com $85,000 Elad Nof
3. LOWD.com $70,000 NamePerfect
4. BeeCapital.com $68,000 Sedo
5. Noba.com $60,000 Sedo