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2022 Domain Sales Season Ends With a Famous Artist Cutting a Creative Deal for Stik.com 

First off, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and I am wishing you a great new year in 2023! Some of our sales data suppliers just returned to work this week so we've only now gotten in the final sales from 2022 that we needed to wrap up the old year. This column will have our last round of bi-weekly Top 20 Sales Charts for 2022. We have also now been able to finalize our 2022 Top 100 Sales Chart (technically our annual Top 100 Charts are never finalized because when big historic sales come to light - sometimes years after the fact - they are added to the Top 100 Chart in our Domain Sales Archive for the year in which they occurred).

In addition to the 2022 sales data, we've been getting in the first sales of 2023. To present everything in an orderly fashion I will be back next week (Wednesday evening, January 18) with the first report on the 2023 sales season, covering sales reported in the first half of January. We already know we will have at least one blockbuster on the first 2023 Top 20 Chart because of Above.com's $3 million sale of Help.com that I told you about in our Lowdown section earlier this week. After next week's column we will return to our usual bi-weekly schedule with new reports coming out every other Wednesday evening.

Now that we have that housekeeping out of the way, let's look at the 2022 sales reported in the last few days of December. This is a relatively short list because, as you all know, business typically slows to a crawl in that time frame. In fact, the biggest sale reported - MyHome.com at 100,000 ($120,322) - actually occurred earlier in the year but just came to light thanks to some nice digging done by Robbie Ferguson at RobbieBlog.com.

Sedo, who provided the biggest chunk of data from the end of December, nailed down the #2 spot with Teamo.com at $80,500. Matthew McJilton rounded out the power trio at the top with his sale of Stik.com to the famous British graffiti artist who is now forwarding the domain to his original Stik.org website. Now, because we only report cash domain sales, this one is charted at $50,000 - the amount of money Matthew received - but there is much more to the story. Matthew, a veteran domain investor, also received some art prints and a sketch from Stik, a bonus believed to be worth about $25,000. That sounds quite reasonable given that individual Stik works have sold for over $300,000. The art we are not including in the price may end up being the most valuable part of Matthew's most memorable deal to date! 








           By Ron Jackson

This week's winners also included the ccTLDs who piled up a half dozen entries on the Big Board, all posted by Sedo. Three of those crashed the top ten with a pair that tied for #6 leading the charge. Those were DL.de and Prezzogiusto.it at 22,500 ($24,300) each. With the .coms sweeping everything else, there was no room left at the inn for the non .com gTLDs this time out. 

Here is how all of the leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending ending Sunday, January 1, 2023:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Dec. 19 - Sun. Jan. 1, 2023
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect Jan. 12, 2023)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. MyHome.com 100,000 = $120,322 Pvt Sale
2. Teamo.com $80,500 Sedo
3. Stik.com
(seller also received art prints
and a sketch valued at 25k)
$50,000 Pvt Sale
4. 24TM.com $31,000 Sedo
5. UnionSports.com $25,000 Sedo