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Kate Buckley and Matt Chase (Lumis) Team Up to Close Chart Topping $260,000+ Sale

We're back from a great NamesCon Global conference where good news from the domain aftermarket was abundant. On the first day of the conference Kate Buckley (Buckley Media) let me know that she and Matt Chase from the Lumis Group had closed a six-figure sale of HDL.com that tops our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. The net price to the seller was $260,000 and we will chart it at that figure though the buyer also paid an undisclosed fee to the Lumis for their assistance in acquiring the name. In addition to topping the bi-weekly chart, this also ranks as one of the ten biggest publicly reported sales year to date

Kate (seen here speaking at NamesCon in Austin last week) told me, "HDL.com went to its perfect end user. The seller, a private entity, had owned the domain name for 28 years and contacted Buckley Media to represent them in maximizing value on this long term investment. The buyer, HdL Companies, worked with Lumis Group to represent their interests in acquiring the domain name. Terms were negotiated that are beneficial to all concerned and we look forward to seeing HdL companies putting this legacy domain name to its best and highest use!"

This sale gives Kate two of the year's 10 biggest publicly reported sales to date. She also brokered the sale of Tactic.com for $303,295 in March.

Some other good signs from NamesCon included RightOfTheDot.com's live domain auction bringing in $2.2 million in sales (the highest level in several years). The online auction is actually still going on and won't close until June 15. In another nice tidbit, Chinese investor Yue Dai (the owner of 18 two-letter .com domains including DN.com) was there and he reported a friend his just sold HD.com for over $6 million.

Getting back to verified sales that have come in since our last report, Sedo claimed the #2 spot on the Big Board with Biti.com at $61,200 and Mike Mann (DomainMarket.com) filled the #3 hole with Climateers.com at $59,888. That was one of three top ten entries for Mike who also sold #6 ClosDuMarquis.com for $29,888 and #9 DeepResearch.com for $25,000.

The .coms went on to sweep 15 of the 20 chart entries. The non-com gTLDs claimed three spots, led by GoDaddy's $31,500 sale of MentalHealthCenter.org. Another member of that trio was a new gTLD - #15 Digital.digital, sold for $15,000 at Dynadot

The ccTLDs scored twice, ringing the top ten bell with both of their entries. Above.com's $34,407 of Tree.com.au led the charge for the country code domains. Sedo completed the one-two punch with their 25,000 ($27,000) sale of #7 (tie) FerienJob.de ("holiday job" in German).

Since we were away last week for NamesCon (when a new report would normally have come out), the new chart covers three weeks worth of sales rather than the usual two. Here is how all of the leaders stacked up for the three weeks ending Sunday, June 5, 2023:








           By Ron Jackson

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. May 15 - Sun. June 5, 2023
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect June 8, 2023)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. HDL.com $260,000 Buckley Media/Lumis
2. Biti.com $61,200 Sedo
3. Climateers.com $59,888 DomainMarket
4. Tree.com.au $34,407 Above.com
5. MentalHealthCenter.org $31,500 GoDaddy