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August 27, 2012

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After Being Away From Home 3 of the Past 4 Weeks It's Payback Time + Sedo Confirms $1 Million Sale of Poker.org

After being away from home three of the past four weeks covering domain conferences (T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas, DOMAINfest Global and Domainer Mardi Gras), I owe my wife Diana some time together. So, this afternoon we are off to Mount Dora, a quaint central Florida resort town we visited for the first time last summer (regular readers may recall my Lowdown post about that trip). 

The town has a number of special charms; rolling hills (unique to Florida's otherwise flat landscape), Victorian houses, horse and carriage rides and a scenic nature walk on the edge of the five-mile wide Lake Dora whose Eastern shore the town was built on. As nice as all of that is, the primary reason Diana wants to go back is the fact that one of the biggest outdoor antique shows in the eastern U.S., the Renninger's Antique Extravaganza, gets underway there tomorrow morning. She used to have her own antique store here in Tampa and her 

The historic  Donnelly House in Mount Dora

passion for beautiful old things remains strong (I assume she has kept me around because I fill the "old" requirement but I'm not sure why she has given me a pass on the "beautiful" part). 

Renniger's runs their Mount Dora show three times a year (we went for the first time in November and loved it) and it attracts thousands of people during its three-day run. The antique dealers spread their wares across several acres of lovely hill country just east of town. The weather is supposed to be sunny and cool so we expect a glorious weekend for the event. 

Sunset on Lake Dora

We have raved so much about the antique show and Mount Dora that Howard and Barbara Neu are going to drive up from Miami and meet us there. It will be fun showing them around town this afternoon and evening and guiding them through the massive antique sale tomorrow as they experience both for the first time. Barbara also enjoys antiques, so while she and Diana are distracted by the merchants Howard and I might get a chance to talk about domains - out of their ear-shot of course - that is kind of a taboo subject this weekend and we don't want things to get ugly!). 

On Saturday afternoon, Diana's uncle Bud happens to be getting 

married in a town adjacent to Mount Dora, Leesburg, so we are going to the wedding before returning home that night. Bud is 91 years young and in spectacular shape - you would think he is 30 years younger (when it comes to aging, Diana has great genes on her side of the family). Bud's blushing young fiancée is a mere 87 and also looks fabulous. They regularly go out dancing and living life to the hilt. I plan to study them closely this weekend because whatever they are doing it obviously works!

Since we will be off on this mini-vacation there won't be a Lowdown post Friday (I have been warned that if I am caught online during the trip I will not like the consequences!) So, I'll see you back here with a new post Monday and I hope that you all have as great a weekend as we are anticipating.

One other note before I go, Sedo has just confirmed that they have brokered the $1 million sale of Poker.org - the highest .org sale ever reported. The owners of PokerCompany.com bought the domain from National A-1. Last Saturday PokerCompany.com CEO Markus Sonermo dropped me a note to tell me the deal was going to be finalized this week. I wrote to Sedo for confirmation and on Tuesday they replied that they could not yet confirm the deal was complete. While I held the information pending confirmation it leaked out from other sources yesterday and the formal announcement finally came today. Congratulations to everyone involved - it looks like a .org will be topping our weekly sale chart next Wednesday!

(Posted Feb. 18, 2010)

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