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November 23, 2012

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Nico Zeifang, CEO of Team Internet AG's ParkingCrew, Comments on Why Company Went After New Acquisition - Elephant Traffic

In a major move last week Team Internet AG acquired Elephant Traffic (a well established domain monetization company that was co-founded by Czech Republic super entrepreneur Jan Barta who was profiled in our May 2011 Cover Story). Team Internet is now integrating Elephant Traffic into its  rapidly growing ParkingCrew.com platform. I caught up with Team 

Internet CEO Nico Zeifang today to find out why the company went after Elephant Traffic and what the deal means for the ET clients who now become members of the ParkingCrew.

DNJournal: Nico, for people that are not familiar with Elephant Traffic, what was it about their brand and client base that made them such a desirable acquisition for you?

Nico Zeifang: Basically, it was a logical step for us. On the publisher side, we had been the preferred PPC partner for Elephant Traffic publishers for more than a year before we made the acquisition. On the advertiser side, Elephant Traffic has done a tremendous job in educating advertisers about Direct Navigation traffic and the advertiser base was of great interest to our newest Tier-2 ad network DNTX.com. At DNTX we are excited to provide existing Elephant Traffic advertisers with access to a lot more targeting options which we believe will seriously help them to improve yield on their campaigns.    

Team Internet CEO Nico Zeifang

DNJournal: Will the Elephant Traffic brand be retained for any other use or will you simply migrate Elephant Traffic  clients to  the Parking Crew platform?

Nico Zeifang: Elephant Traffic users will be migrated. Publishers will be migrated to ParkingCrew.com where they will profit from our fast growing Pay Per Click Monetization product for their tier-1 traffic as well as our vast inventory of DNTX.com advertisers for their tier-2 traffic.  

Image from Bigstock

Advertisers will be migrated to DNTX.com where they will enjoy a lot more targeting options then previously, including Geo Targeting, Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Tablet Targeting, Carrier- and Device Targeting for Mobile users and Adult vs. Non-Adult Traffic.

DNJournal:  ParkingCrew has experienced a lot of growth over the past couple of years. What has helped you to succeed in a sector domain parking that many had all but given up for dead after seeing steep revenue declines in recent years?:

Nico Zeifang: I believe that there are three major aspects that have helped us succeed in this market: 

  1. We understand the customer mindset (after all, we had been just that for more than 10 years each - Domain owners looking to monetize their inventory) 

  2. We understand both major markets: com/net/org as well as ccTLDs. We make sure that every visitor that hits our platform gets monetized to the fullest. No matter if the visitor is from the U.S., Germany or Japan. No matter if he uses a desktop computer or an outdated cell phone.

  3. We scale through technology rather than manual optimization which helps us to keep overhead costs to a minimum and thus allows us to pay out much higher rev shares than other companies in this market.

If you are interesting in learning more about ParkingCrew.com you can visit their website here.

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